When will Nukeproof Bikes be in stock in 2022?

With the frustrating shortage of parts currently plaguing the bike industry (not helped by the load of Shimano parts seized this week), brands are taking it upon themselves to keep potential customers up to date on exactly when they can expect this. that complete bikes will be in stock throughout 2022. Nukeproof is the latest brand to do so, releasing a full availability calendar of the Reactor trail bike, Mega and Giga enduro bikes and Dissent DH bike…builds and full frames. So there you go folks. Set your reminders.

Watercolors by Frances Halsey, artist @illustratemybike

2022 Nukeproof Bike Availability

From Nukeproof:

This year, the widest range of Nukeproof bikes is offered. From trail to downhill, the range covers most of a cyclist’s needs. With the introduction of the impressive new Mega and Giga models in 2021, 2022 sees subtle revisions and an injection of freshness into the range.

Perhaps the big question for the past two years has been “Where are all the bikes?”. Nukeproof delivered more bikes than ever during the 2021 season, but demand still exceeded supply. Not to sugar coat it, it’s very possible to hear the same in 2022 at times as the industry catches up. Nukeproof’s goal for this launch is to be as clear as possible about when the bikes and frame will arrive for customers. The Nukeproof team is always working to make deliveries as smooth as possible. Over the course of the year, and will post any schedule or spec changes to get the bikes out on the trails as soon as possible.

One thing is certain, the new range looks crazy!

Availability of the Nukeproof Reactor in 2022

Availability stock of anti-nuclear reactors 2022

The mid-travel Nukeproof Reactor trail bike launched in 2019 is updated for 2022 with an additional 10mm of travel on most models, matching the specs of the top-of-the-line RS model. The Reactor lineup again sees upgrades to the RS model to include the SRAM AXS drivetrain and Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheels, with the rest of the lineup having a familiar feel from previous years.

Availability of the anti-nuclear reactor in 2022

The RS joins two other carbon frame designs: the flagship Fox/Shimano with the Factory, Fox Performance/Shimano SLX Elite. The Reactor Alloy models (which still include the carbon seatstays) are the Pro and Comp models. Sitting in the Reactor 290 line is also the ST model with lighter components.

2022 Nukeproof Mega Availability

The 4th generation of our EWS winning bike launched in 2021 and won over current and new Mega owners. Building on the success of the Mega, the new frame included some key updates to suspension, geometry as well as the installation of the all important water bottle!

As with the Giga, 2022 sees the introduction of a full 297 model lineup to match the 290 lineup. Specifications remain largely unchanged, but with the premiumization of the RS model to include SRAM AXS wireless drivetrain and Nukeproof’s award-winning Horizon V2 wheels (review here).

2022 Nukeproof Mega Availability Stock Dates

The Mega is available in carbon (RS, Factory and Elite) and aluminum (Pro and Comp) build options in 297 and 290 options of each. Frame only options are available in options 275, 297 and 290.

Nukeproof Giga Availability in 2022

Artist impression giga nukeproof 2022

Much-loved when it launched, the Giga was a huge hit with racers (see the bikes of Katy Winton and Nigel Page), riders and the media. With a whopping 180mm of travel, it’s a beast of a bike downhill, but it surprises many with its climbing prowess thanks to its clever design. Designed as a “super-enduro” or park bike, its suspension design is based on the Dissent platform with a quick 2-stage main pivot to offer 2 progression settings.

giga nukeproof 2022 stock availability dates

For 2022, the 297 mixed wheel size bikes and frames are introduced across the lineup to match the 290 spec options. Joining the Factory, Elite and Comp models, Nukeproof introduces an all-new top-of-the-line RS model. The RS is fitted with the SRAM AXS X01 drivetrain and pairs a Rockshox Zeb Ultimate with a custom Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil shock to become a beast of a bike.

Availability of anti-nuclear dissent in 2022

Nukeproof’s Downhill model is back for 2022, available in 290, 297 and 275 frames and builds. The Dissent is designed to be customizable to suit riding style and terrain. Its adjustable main pivot offers riders 4 levels of rear shock progressiveness. On top of that, there is an adjustable base with 3 wheelbase options.

2022 Nuclear Weapon Proof Dissident Artists Impression

For 2022, Nukeproof offers two complete models. The RS is a no-compromise spec designed to be ready to roll, train the workshop and tackle any World Cup-level race. The other build option is the Comp, a perfect spec for private riders or those looking to go around the elevation/park.

2022 Anti-Nuclear Dissent Availability Stock

All models are available in mixed 297 or 290 wheel sizes, with the 27.5-inch only available as a frame.

What about MegaWatt, Scout, Digger and Cub Scouts?

With Megawatt launching in mid-2021, the release of the bikes will come a bit later (est. around June/July). For Scout and Digger, let’s just put a “coming soon” tab on it.


Wiley C. Thompson