What’s the strangest animal you’ve ever avoided on a bike path? This viral video might have the winner

In a now-viral Reddit thread, an Alaska-based cyclist shared a video of an “average Alaskan bike ride,” featuring two (seemingly angry) moose charging down a bike path towards the cyclist. Luckily no one or moose were harmed during the making of the video, but it reminds us to keep our heads up as you pedal down the path. Even a wandering armadillo can cause a ride to end prematurely!

Watch the video below.

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The fall mating season is apparently a time when moose can be particularly aggressive, and experts noted that the behavior in the video appears to be a “warning charge”.

“Many charges are ‘bluffing’ charges, warning you to stay back and keep your distance,” the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said. Newsweek as they reported the story. “However, you have to take them seriously… If it knocks you down, a moose may continue running or start stomping and kicking with all four feet.”

Ontario, Canada offers province-wide guidance for moose control (found in the northern part of the province). The ministry suggests that if a deer, elk or moose approaches you, back up and look for a tree, fence or building to hide behind, and if the animal is charging, run to the nearest obstacle. closer.

The video on Reddit has received over 25,000 upvotes since it was posted 11 days ago and has racked up over 400 comments, with many commenters sharing their own heartbreaking incidents on the bike paths/animals. Many express amazement that the rider kept his camera on and filmed the charging moose long after it was time to start sprinting, hitting a new 10-second power best in the process.

Some comments got into pun territory: “Moosed pedals faster.. I’ll see myself outside,” wrote one user. “Multi moose trails,” added another.

And some just said what we all think: “That’s why you always ride with at least one person slower than you.”

Wiley C. Thompson