Washington Avenue paving is underway after years of delay

Discussion of the changes continued through 67 town hall meetings and was followed by opposition to the City Council blocking the so-called “lane scheme” on the portion of Washington Avenue between Broad Street and Grays Ferry.

Carroll admits he’s disappointed that their plan didn’t last the full duration of the project.

“It will in some ways be a less inviting pedestrian environment, I think that’s clear,” he said. “Even those who opposed the changes recognized that the changes would make it a friendlier, more pedestrian-friendly environment.”

“People crossing Washington Avenue will not experience the same level of convenience west of Broad Street as they do east of Broad Street,” Carroll added. “We’ll see how it goes.”

The west side of Broad Street will remain five lanes, creating chaotic conditions in the mixed-use residential and commercial corridor. Carroll hopes that once the project is completed, residents on the west side of Broad Street might reconsider reducing lanes to make the street safer.

Pervasive supply chain issues are causing problems with some of the traffic light changes, which include signal timing and signal priority to buses and emergency vehicles if needed.

Carroll said this is one of the projects that will serve as a demonstration of how safety can be implemented without affecting surrounding neighborhoods.

“It’s a tool in the toolbox, but we believe it’s a tool that can make a huge difference to those who are dying or seriously injured and that’s our focus here,” he said. .

Carroll added that red light enforcement cameras may be in the future for the area as part of safety upgrades.

Wiley C. Thompson