Valentin Guillod talks about rebuilding his career and his interest in racing in the United States

If you came to race something in the United States, you would probably ride a 250, right? You talked about feeling comfortable on the 250 with leg strength and things like that, and on the 250 class in the US, obviously you’re not old. So, is this something where if you were coming, you probably would on a 250?
Yes why not? It might be a good solution to do so. Of course, I really enjoy riding the 250. But now, this winter, I’m going to focus on being stronger on the 450 because that’s the main goal. But yes, it’s good in the United States that you don’t have the age limit that we have in Europe. It’s a bit sad to have to switch to MXGP. If you take road racing, MotoGP has no age, and Moto 2 also has no age. Our goal is to go fast on a motocross, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 250 or a 450. It’s a bit sad that we have to take this step, but that’s how it is.

In 2015, when you played, did you feel like maybe you weren’t ready for the MXGP class? You had a good season the following year, but I think you probably thought you could claim the MX2 title if you could stay behind. Did you feel like there was potential for you if you could stay behind?
Yes, it was in my head. When I had to upgrade to 450 in 2016, it was a bit sad because 2015 on the Yamaha MX2 was the first time the team [Standing Construct] was racing Yamaha because the previous two years we were on KTM. So we didn’t have a lot of experience working on the bike. The bike was good, but we struggled a lot at the start. The bike never got through the door so we struggled with that. And then I saw in 2016, the same team with another rider, they really improved on the bike, and it was working well and had a good start. So, it was a little sad that my age had taken me to 450 years old.

Finally, who would you like to thank for all that has helped you get to the track this year and all of your sponsors?
Yes of course I would like to thank the team, Hostettler Yamaha. Also, Peter Hostettler who is the owner of Yamaha Switzerland who has invested a lot. My mechanic who did a good job too. The chief engineer of the team and all my personal sponsors. I now have many years with Tissot to help me, 6D helmets, 100% glasses, Alpinestars. So all these guys who have helped me a lot in the last few years.

Wiley C. Thompson