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The new Polestar 5 is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s the first Polestar to be developed in the UK at the brand’s base in Warwickshire. It’s also the first Polestar developed by Polestar for Polestar — a departure from other models that have worked with or out of a Volvo foundation and built. Considered a rival to Porsche’s Taycan, the Polestar 5 is made of bonded aluminum with sections including various other forms of formed aluminum. From a casual consumer perspective, that means the Polestar 5 is designed to handle something like a supercar (with luxury vehicle comfort and cabin). The brand is also working on tweaking the Polestar 5’s battery, although details are scarce at this time as it conducts performance testing. At least the development of the Polestar 5 is seen as a basis for future Polestar models; as Vehicle Engineering Manager Steve Swift said Coach, “You start with a car first, then look at products in other spaces, then how many spaces we can play in while designing it once. That’s definitely part of the future.” Outside of the auto we give updates on Backcountry’s latest sale, Brompton is incredibly like P Line bikes and a sleeping bag with, well, “wings”. It’s fast today.

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Score Big on Exclusive Backcountry Gear Now

Since Backcountry is one of the best suppliers of outdoor apparel and gear in the business, that also means it’s home to Backcountry-exclusive items (and offers) that you won’t find anywhere else. Get up to 30% off exclusives like the Lomond Baselayer Crew, the Stoic Shell Anorak and the Stoic Insulated Jacket, which should have you ready to ride with everything winter has yet to come. his sleeve.


Brompton bikes get even lighter (and more economical) with the new P range

Earlier this year we talked about Brompton’s T Line, a series of lightweight titanium folding bikes. Today, the brand has gone even further with the release of the P Line series. Arriving in stores last week, the P Line weighs 4 pounds less than its predecessor, the Brompton Superlight, and features a new frame – with a titanium rear frame and fork that absorbs shocks and is lighter (but just as strong) as traditional steel. A compact, in-house designed gear system provides four-speed functionality in less space.


UST tweaks the traditional sleeping bag with the “wing” design of the Monarch sleeping bag.

UST built a sleeping bag designed for a custom climate control system that’s so simple – we wish we’d thought of it. Effectively a sleeping bag with two attachable (or detachable) “wings”, users can wrap one or both wings over the sleeping bag during use, creating a bag that can go from a 17°F bag at 37°F depending on how you place the wings above or behind you.


Satisfy is adding a second portion of running gear to its “Winter Pack”.

Few brands manage to combine sport and style in a way that succeeds on both fronts, especially those that focus specifically on a specific sport. That’s exactly why we love Satisfy’s running gear. The brand has just added new items as part of the second release of its “Winter Pack”, including MothTech tops (essentially a moth-like ventilation system), a water-repellent and heat-regulating Justice jacket, and a restock of hand dyed CloudMerino gloves and hats. . Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t run in style.


Move over to Chemex, there’s a new coffee name to pour in town.

Hyunjun Kim, founder of Seoul’s Nothin Coffee, has devised a new take on pour-over coffee. The Steadfast Brewer is unique for its leather-wrapped oval-shaped stainless steel dripper. The dripper uses 32 ridges (which thicken towards the base) to promote rapid flow of water over the ground. Why the leather wrap? While some pour-over coffee systems release heat too quickly – disrupting the brewing process – leather traps heat (and looks great to boot). Learn more from our home office about this brewing system below, which hit its fundraising goal on Japanese Makuake in 2021 and is expected to hit the US this year.


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