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Tyler, the creator reintroduces Golf le Fleur.

The fashion label – his next third outing under Odd Future (his music collective before going solo) and Golf Wang (the skate-inspired label he unveiled in 2013) – has been steeped in collaborations. Today, Golf le Fleur is in its own right, offering high-end clothing, footwear and accessories and thriving in beauty – a first for born creative Tyler Gregory Okonma.

“It was just good,” said the musical artist, rapper and producer of the new version, calling from his home in Los Angeles.

The line includes short-sleeved, round-neck buttons at $ 200; $ 250 double-pleated shorts; $ 495 mohair cardigans and a $ 1,100 (in partnership with Schott NYC) leather jacket, plus $ 305 moccasins and accessories ranging from a $ 35 hairpick to glasses of sun at $ 250.

The ephemeral Golf le Fleur boutique.
Courtesy of Luis “Panch” Perez

Okonma’s pastel palette can be seen everywhere, with a soft blue and orange as the focus, highlighted on the items, details and packaging. Shades are also the two main colors featured as part of the Beauty Version, a $ 55 three-piece nail polish set (“Geneva Blue,” “Georgia Peach” and “Glitter,” $ 20 each). In addition to the nails, Okonma unveils a perfume, “French Waltz”, which is priced between $ 40 for 10 ml and $ 200 for the larger 100 ml bottle. It was developed with CPL Aromas, the UK-based international fragrance house

“It was just a reflection of my life,” Okonma continued. “I love the scent. I have always loved the scent. So, I was like, ‘Dude, I want to make a perfume. Yeah, I’ll do it on the Golf le Fleur tag.

Describing the smell, he evokes summer when he was a child, the exhaustion and heat felt when leaving a swimming pool. Or be on tour, sense of adventure, ride a bike in the middle of nowhere.

“I am just relishing an amazing time when you feel the most free, and this is the time you will remember for the rest of your life,” he said. “It’s kind of what the smell is to me.”

Golf le Fleur perfume

A first glimpse of the new beauty extension: nail polish and a perfume (above), “French Waltz”.

Released at 11 a.m.ET on December 13, the collection will be available on Golf le Fleur e-commerce with select pieces of clothing found in-store only at the Golf Wang boutique on North Fairfax Avenue in LA Last weekend, Okonma held hosted a special line viewing event in Malibu, Calif., a Golf le Fleur pop-up that he designed himself. It is open from Friday to Sunday by appointment only.

“I wanted people to go somewhere,” he said of the location. “I wanted people to get out of town a bit, travel a bit out of their comfort zone, with most of the stores in Beverly Hills or Hollywood. I was like, ‘Dude, we should definitely get people to go.’ And when they get there, it’s worth it or it was a waste of time. But in any case, they will feel some kind of emotion.

If Golf Wang was its official fashion entry, Golf le Fleur, by comparison, drew on a world beyond skate culture. Okonma’s first design for the spinoff brand was a sneaker in partnership with Converse. He has since partnered with various companies, from Lacoste to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

“Honestly, I think it really suits my tastes,” he said, explaining his initial differentiation between Golf Wang and Golf le Fleur. “I treat [Golf Wang] like my basic skate rat, BMX – it’s heavier in a T-shirt, more graphic.

It’s “pure happiness,” he said, asked about the value of collaboration. “I’m excited about the end result, as a fan… I’m happy to see it in person and then take a photo of it. That’s what I get out of it. And that’s with everything I do. It’s usually just because I’m a fan and can’t wait to see him in person and he exists. He’s my number one.

Golf le Fleur

Golf le Fleur accessories include a $ 35 hair cleaner and $ 250 sunglasses.
Courtesy of Luis “Panch” Perez

As with music, Okonma has created a world of her own in fashion, attracting fans along the way (some who are adopting polo shirts and sweaters for the first time). This is where he sets the rules – there aren’t any, especially when it comes to adhering to social conventions. He does what he loves.

“I don’t expect everyone to get it,” he said of Golf le Fleur’s higher price tag. “Doing some of this stuff didn’t come cheap. Some of them are expensive, and that’s why some of these things will be expensive. “

The late Virgil Abloh, the revolutionary designer who brought streetwear to luxury, helped Okonma source certain materials from Europe, he said.

“I’ve known Virgil for a long time,” Okonma continued. “And when he was doing what he was doing in the beginning, I was a little skeptical about it. I say to myself “Brother”, and over the years we have developed a relationship, especially in recent years, and the news I have received has really disappointed me. Some of this Golf le Fleur clothing is made in Italy and is handmade, and do you know who organized it for me? He did. He was making calls and emails getting me ready for this stuff in a world I didn’t know, he was teaching me so much, and [with] the launch, I wanted him there so badly so he could see what his helping hand turned into. It really helped me with that, and I was like, ‘Oh, I wanted him to see it.’ And just be proud of where I take this from. But now I just have to go harder. I just really have to get there, because I think he would like to see me keep getting there.

In the future, Okonma hopes to expand to more stores.

“At some point man, I want to hit a lot of my favorite places in the world and let them experience that,” he said. “I think brick and mortar is such a decision, at least for the clothes.”

Regarding the new direction with Golf le Fleur, he adds: “You know, the target consumer is not my fans or my former clients. This is for whoever is going to love it… I don’t expect people who liked my previous stuff to like it, get it and want it. It’s his own thing. And I’m super excited about it, just fucking in love with it. I’m so excited… I want people to live in these clothes. Scratch it, make a hole in it. Live in these pieces.

Golf le Fleur

The nail polish range includes “Geneva Blue”, a pastel that can be found throughout the collection.

Wiley C. Thompson