Ty Masterpool Talks 2022 RedBud & Racing Used Bike

Just watching you ride, I never would have known you had cramps. Even after Jett Lawrence walked past you, it looked like you were coming back to him. You were aggressive there.
I felt good, my arms just hurt badly. That was all I needed to remember. My energy was good though, I just couldn’t rehydrate in time. I had vomited everything I had left in my system.

You obviously have speed and talent. How come you don’t see these kinds of rides anymore? When you’re on the gas, you’re really on the gas.
This year I’ve had all kinds of bumps and bruises. I was actually ready to race supercross, but I had little bumps and bruises and stuff like that. I felt good at Pala, and I just had a little incident there. But you will definitely see more this year!

So what’s the story from now on? Will you make the rest of the Nationals?
Yeah, I do the rest. A big thank you to the fans and everyone, we had a lot of people who came to help me. It’s hard financially, I’m a privateer at the moment and it comes out of my pocket. But after RedBud, a lot of people reached out to me and helped me get to the next round.

What are you going to do if your bike explodes!?
[Laughs] We will find out! I will run.

It’s also your training bike, isn’t it?
I now have two bikes. The most important thing is to find bikes, there aren’t really any bikes available. I have two other workout bikes, but they both have around 35 hours or something. We just added new top ends to them and refreshed them a bit.

You didn’t even have stickers on your seat stays there.
We only had a week to put it all together, and I didn’t really have any sponsors to put there, really.

Wiley C. Thompson