Top 10 FAQs for New Car Buyers

Buying a car is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of questions you need to find the answer to before you cough up big bucks.

We’ve listed some critical points, and you should ask your car dealer these questions so they can help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive!

Q1. How much does the car cost on the road?

This price is the combined price including insurance, handling charges, registration, accessories, warranty and the price of the car. Other fees and taxes may also be involved in this cost, and the car may cost more than you imagined.

Q2. What does the warranty cover?

Electrical and mechanical components are generally covered by the warranty. However, accessories such as the stereo are not. Ask your dealer about the items covered by the warranty.


Q3. Where is the service center?

Ask your dealer where the nearest service center is because you will need to travel there to service your car. Some dealerships have service centers with them, some don’t. You needed the center to get your car repaired and assess how far you would have to go.


Q4. What are the prices of the various parts, such as headlights, bumpers, etc.? ?

Your car will be scratched, damaged or even crashed. You need to know the price of the parts to assess if you need to claim insurance or if you can pay a small amount and have it repaired.

Q5. Is it mandatory to purchase insurance from the same dealership?

You should ask for this because getting insurance outside of the dealership will be more lucrative. Car dealerships have ties to insurance companies and charge a higher price for insurance. Your money is hard earned, and it wouldn’t hurt to save it.

Q6. Has your car been used for a demonstration?

Sometimes manufacturers are unable to supply the number of units required. In such cases, dealerships keep show cars in mint condition and try to pass them off as new. Check your car carefully before buying it for any damage and ask the dealer if your car was used as a show car.

Q7. What financing options are available?

Paying the full price up front isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and you should research the different financing options available to you.


Q8. When will your car be delivered?

You should ask when your car will be delivered to you because sometimes there is a wait and it can take months before you see your car. In some cases, it will be delivered instantly.

Q9. How soon will the license plate and the RC arrive?

Both of these things are legally required and your car will be confiscated if you don’t have them on you.

Q10. Is an upgrade near?

If your car has an upgraded version on the way, you might want to wait.


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Wiley C. Thompson