‘This machine’ says $20,000 in damage to rental bikes in one weekend

A Tulsa nonprofit organization is in shock after vandals stole and destroyed several “This Machine” bikes.

The bike share program said the damage would significantly reduce its finances.

“We feel really defeated today, but we’re trying to put on a happy face,” said Katie Sawicki, executive director of This Machine.

Sawicki said his team was shocked after finding 15 bikes had been stolen or vandalized with a hammer.

She said the nonprofit typically deals with a vandalism or theft about once a month, but she said that was something they had never experienced before.

“The theft this weekend and the vandalism this weekend are on par with what we usually see over an entire year,” Sawicki said.

Sawicki also said it was the first time bikes had been stolen from a location near the Arkansas River.

Each e-bike costs $2,000 to replace, which Sawicki says isn’t easy to recoup.

“It’s going to take some planning and a lot of hard work to rebuild that backup,” Sawicki said.

Sawicki said supply chain issues will make getting new bikes even harder.

Since This Machine is a non-profit organization, it relies heavily on donations from the community.

Sawicki said the community support has been tremendous, but also hopes there won’t be a repeat of this type of vandalism.

“We hope it will be one time and it won’t happen again, but yeah, it was pretty terrible,” Sawicki said.

If you find any of the This Machine bikes missing or damaged, Sawicki said to call so they can try to salvage as many parts as possible.

Wiley C. Thompson