Thinking of buying a used Jawa Forty Two? Here are the pros and cons

The Jawa Forty Two is a good buy if you are looking to buy a used modern classic motorcycle. Here are some pros and cons.

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A used Jawa Forty Two makes sense if you are looking for a modern classic motorcycle

The Jawa Classic and Jawa Forty Two were released in 2018 and have managed to capture the imaginations of modern classic motorcycle enthusiasts in India. The two motorcycles were direct rivals of Royal Enfield’s 350cc motorcycle line-up. The Jawa Forty Two in particular looks like a modern classic and is also affordable, in case you want to buy a used model. But before you do, here’s a list of the pros and cons of buying a used Jawa Forty Two that you might want to check out.


(The Forty Two has the same engine as the standard Jawa, which is a 293cc single cylinder developing 28hp and 27Nm)


  1. The Jawa Forty Two boasts a beautiful modern classic design, featuring a retro instrument case, classic lines, an old-fashioned design and dual exhausts.
  2. The 293 cc engine of the BS4 model develops 28 hp and 27 Nm of maximum torque, which means that the available power is more than that of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 (model of the previous generation). Additionally, the Jawa is also significantly lighter than the Classic 350. That means you won’t run out of performance.
  3. Later models also feature single and dual channel ABS which is still a good feature to have on a motorcycle.

(The design of the Jawa Forty Two is a little different from the standard Jawa)

The inconvenients

  1. The suspension of the Jawa Forty Two is rigid. So, it may not be as comfortable on rough roads.
  2. Jawa has limited sales and service points of contact across the country, which means spare parts availability may not be as fast and service times may be a bit longer than other brands. .
  3. The Jawa Forty Two doesn’t have a boot option, which can be a hindrance for some buyers.


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