Thermaltake Bicycle Participates in TAIPEI CYCLE 2022

Introducing the latest bikes from Tommasini, Speedvagen, TIME Bicycles, Tyrell Bike and stijncycles

Taipei, Taiwan – March 1, 2022 – This year, Thermaltake officially announced its entry into the bicycle industry by establishing its new brand – Thermaltake Bicycle, which strives to fulfill the mission of providing the perfect riding experience. So far, the brand has become the exclusive agent for Tommasini, Speedvagen, TIME Bicycles, Tyrell Bike and stijncycles in Taiwan.

Thermaltake Bicycle will participate in TAIPEI CYCLE 2022 from March 9 to 12, organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiwan Bicycle Association. We will be located in “Outdoor Taipei” area outside of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2). Visitors can enjoy 15 of the latest bikes we’ve brought from Tommasini, Speedvagen, TIME Bicycles, Tyrell Bike and stijncycles. In addition, we have prepared all series of accessories from Demano and Apidura. Thermaltake Bicycle also has a professional team to introduce and answer any questions from visitors or cycling enthusiasts.

Handmade Italian racing bike – Tommasini

Tommasini has been producing and selling racing bikes since World War II. The essence of the brand is rooted in history, experience and technical know-how. Today as yesterday, the production of the company remains artisanal by valuing experience and selecting the best materials. The continuous search for better ways to build racing bikes has placed Tommasini at the forefront of the market.
Bikes that will be exhibited on site:
l FIRE: All Roads

l MACH: Titanium

l Xfire: Grand Fondo

l TECNO: the classic

l Mini-T: Mini Bike

American Handmade Bike – Speedvagen
From customer service to metal work, painting, building and packing the bike, it costs Speedvagen about 150 hours on each bike, which is an extraordinary amount of time. The effort Speedvagen has put into the bikes, the time spent on assembly, and the custom paint job, all make the brand’s products so special.
Bikes that will be exhibited on site:
l Surprise me

l Urban Runner


Folding bike brand Tyrell Bike from Japan
A bicycle manufacturer in Shikoku, Kagawa Prefecture. All employees are committed to developing and producing high-performance, light and, above all, fun-to-ride bicycles.
Bikes that will be exhibited on site:

belgium stijncycles
The PEG series is suitable for riders of all sizes. The brand manufactures bikes which are the combination of road bikes, Mini Velo and folding bikes, which are more practical bikes for traveling and transporting, without compromising performance.
Bikes that will be exhibited on site:
l Single-speed PEG

l Route PEG

TIME Bicycles from France
TIME insists that production remains based in Europe, using a braided carbon structure and resin transfer molding, to make the best products for cyclists. The brand focuses solely on carbon fiber, which means that TIME’s knowledge, experience and skill in handling this material is unmatched.
Bikes that will be exhibited on site:



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