The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 120 – Gee Atherton on Titanium Additive Manufacturing, Million Dollar Machines and 3 New Bikes

Art by Taj Mihelich

From value-conscious hardtails to steel trail bikes with idler pulleys, CNC aluminum frames bonded together to ultra-lightweight carbon creations, mountain bikes these days come in nearly endless flavors. . But one of the most interesting has to be those from Atherton Bikes, a British brand that bonds New Zealand carbon fiber tubing into additive-made titanium lugs while offering a dizzying array of custom geometry choices. Oh, and its founders are a two-time world champion and a two-time overall World Cup champion with numerous World Cup wins and a second-place finish at the Rampage to his name, a six-time world champion with thirty -nine (39!) World Cup victories. , and a World Cup racer turned trail builder behind the Red Bull Hardline and Dyfi Bike Park.

May 5, 2022

I’m about to order my own titanium dust bucket from Amazon. Who’s in?

Episode 120 saw Brian Park and I sit down with lead designer Rob Gow, engineer Ben Farmer and a guy named Gee who I hear is pretty quick on a bike to talk about the benefits and challenges of additive manufacturing, why they need titanium dust buckets and a million dollar hopper machine, and the three new bikes that are slated for release in 2022.

Is this the future of frame manufacturing? Will a local shop ever be able to print your frame from an expensive dust bag?

Gee Atherton – Director

Rob Gow – Lead Designer

Ben Farmer – Chief Engineer

Calling them “lugs” might not do these titanium parts justice.

The additive manufacturing process makes the titanium frame components feel like they are growing from scratch.

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