The Journey: Mother and son complete bike ride through Oregon | New

A mother-son duo from Washington have had the adventure of a lifetime, biking across Oregon State from Astoria to the California border along Highway 101.

Liz and Shep Colver give each other a high-five at the end of their bike trip through Oregon.

The trip was literally full of ups and downs. Mom, Liz Colver, and son, Shephard Colver, 10, of Kenmore, Washington, cycled steep stretches of freeway while shrouded in fog, navigated winding mountain roads and crossed coastal bridges monumental.

They were able to complete the full 370-mile course in 18 days, while managing 10-year-old Shep’s type 1 diabetes.

The hug

Shepard Colver, 10, said his favorite part of his bike trip through Oregon was spending time with his mother, Liz.

Wiley C. Thompson