The GoPro Volta is a grip, remote control, tripod and power bank all in one

GoPro announces a new accessory for its action cameras that’s a jack-of-all-trades – the Volta acts as a grab-and-go grip/tripod, wired or wireless remote, and features a 4900mAh battery which, according to the company, can triple your camera’s battery life, delivering four hours of recording time when paired with a fully charged internal battery if you’re shooting 5.3K footage.

The Volta uses an integrated USB-C cable to plug in and charge your GoPro with the press of a button, and has an additional USB-C port for recharging its internal battery. GoPro says the built-in battery can be charged in as little as two and a half hours, and there’s a quick charge mode that takes it from zero to 60% in an hour.

Like the GoPro Hero 10, the Volta charges via USB-C. GoPro says it can also act as a battery bank for USB-C powered phones.
Becca Farsace / The Edge

It also has a built-in remote control, which lets you start recording or cycle through the camera’s shooting modes, both when your GoPro is plugged into the Volta, as well as wirelessly via Bluetooth. . (The Volta’s wireless remote functionality will also work with GoPro’s 360-degree Max camera and older Hero models if you pair it as the company’s standalone remote.) Above the remote are LEDs showing your remaining battery life and whether your camera is in video, photo, or time-lapse mode. GoPro says it should work from around 30 meters away, but says range “may be affected when recording at higher resolutions and frame rates”.

The remote can also work wirelessly.
Becca Farsace / The Edge

Considering there’s a lot of electronics here, it’s no surprise that GoPro’s website warns that taking the Volta underwater will damage it and your camera. The company doesn’t have an official water resistance rating, but Volta’s manual calls it “weatherproof” when plugged into the camera – basically splash safe, but not for swimming. GoPro also warns that your camera will not be waterproof when equipped with the USB pass-through door that comes with the Volta, and that the Volta itself will not be water resistant when used in remote control mode without wire.

The Volta has a mount on the top for attaching your GoPro, as well as a foldable mount on the side that can be pulled out (with a sturdy feel button) and used to mount the Volta to other GoPro accessories like backpacks. back or bike racks. . A 1/4-20 screw mount on the bottom allows you to attach it to traditional filming equipment like a tripod. I suspect most people will want to use the Volta as a stand-alone accessory – folded up, it can double as a handgrip that you can use to lift the camera away from your body a bit. It also has two small legs that come out to make it a kind of mini tripod.

The “fingers” on the side stick out when you need them and can be tucked away when you don’t.
Becca Farsace / The Edge

The edgeVideo expert Becca Farsace was quite impressed with the Volta, calling it “a well-designed combination of some popular GoPro accessories.” She also found it quite easy to imagine a scenario in which she could use it: “Gopro recently launched the Enduro battery which has improved battery life, especially at low temperatures, but there is no not much they could add to a part that physically needs to fit in a Hero 10. And even with an Enduro battery, on a recent ski trip I still found I needed multiple batteries to spend a day recording long runs in 4k on the track.

The Volta costs $130, and GoPro subscribers get a discount that brings the cost down to around $90. (The subscription itself costs $50 a year and includes cloud storage, a $100 discount on a new GoPro, and a few other features.) “For me,” Becca said of the Volta’s price, “It’s a hell of a deal. ” I agree – I fully intend to buy one so I don’t have to carry batteries and a tripod separately to document my hikes and bike rides.

Wiley C. Thompson