The BF400 in GTA Online: Price, Performance and More

Bikes are a fairly underrated mode of transportation in GTA Online, as most bikes in the game offer next to no means of protecting players against enemy attacks. But many gamers don’t realize that the bikes give them excellent top speed and flexibility to compensate for this handicap. They just need to know how to ride them properly.

Additionally, bikes can be really useful if players use them in missions or activities where their strengths stand out more than their weaknesses. However, many GTA Online players wouldn’t even bother trying to analyze which bike would suit them best, as there are already so many options to choose from.

If nothing works for them, they can just buy the Nagasaki BF400 as it is one of the fastest bikes in the game with all-around performance. To further convince gamers of the merits of this bike, this article will discuss its features, performance, and more.

BF400 in GTA Online


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This was first introduced in GTA San Andreas and later returned to GTA Online as a KTM 450 Rally-influenced enduro bike, with an almost identical front and lightweight design.

The bike appears to be a contemporary version of the Sanchez, with inverted forks and fenders linked to the fork legs, as well as a huge curved fairing with small vents on top and a black vertical panel with chrome trim surrounding it , which contains the three stacked circular headlights.

Dual mounts connect the handlebars to the top plate, and there’s a center frame between the handlebars and small covers to protect riders’ hands. The vehicle has a set of separate black housings above the handlebars that use the same “Sport Bike” dials as bikes like the Bati 801 and Akuma.

Colors and rims

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The primary color is used on most components, including the grilled area in front of the intercooler, part of the rear fender and side fuel tanks, and the end of the rear fender.

On the other hand, the secondary color is used on the front fender, front fairing, handlebar cover, handlebar center frame, the end of each fork leg, the lower side of the front fairing, the frame main, the majority of the rear fender and the side fuel tanks.

The bike rolls on the same wheels as the Sanchez and Enduro, which are an off-road version of the “Wires” rims offered by Los Santos Customs.


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The BF400 handles admirably at high speeds, as you would expect from a rally bike. Although acceleration may seem weak, top speed is reasonably easy to achieve due to its incredible combination of lightweight bodywork, quick handling and shock-absorbing suspension. The suspension is one of the most important, if not the best, in terms of compensation.

Better than the Sanchez and Enduro, the bike can bounce back and withstand the force of huge jumps without shaking players. Surprisingly, despite being an off-road bike, the BF400 has one of the fastest top speeds of any land vehicle when fully geared up.

The BF400 is powered by a single cylinder engine and features a 5-speed transmission. The engine sound seems to be a higher-pitched, higher-pitched variant of that used in the Sanchez and Enduro.

Maximum speed and capacity

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In GTA Online, the BF400 has a top speed of 90.10 mph (145.00 km/h) and a lap time of 1:03.263, making it one of the fastest bikes in the game. can be purchased for $95,000 from Southern SA Super Autos. The BF400 can be kept as a personal vehicle at any of your properties/garages, and it can also be customized at Los Santos Customs.

Additionally, the BF400 is a beloved bike in the GTA community due to its durability coupled with players ability to pull off incredible stunts and daring escapes. So if gamers are struggling to decide which bike to buy, the BF400 is a great option for them.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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