The best smart battery chargers to top up your car’s power

A car battery charger is one of those items worth keeping in the closet. You might not need it now, but being prepared will help you avoid those frustrating situations when your car suddenly decides it won’t start, usually when you’re in a frantic race.

Battery chargers are also handy for recharging petrol or diesel vehicles that you don’t use very often. Connect a ‘trickle charger’ to keep your convertible running at full power and you’ll be ready anytime the sun comes out.

Simply attach your charger to the car battery and connect it to an AC outlet for power to flow.

Which battery charger is the best?

Before you can charge your car, you need to decide what kind of charger to buy. Choose between:

  • Standard battery chargers: The traditional, affordable option with limited functionality and simple styling.
  • Smart battery chargers: The most sophisticated option, which can switch from rapid recharges to a long-term “trickle” charge to avoid overcharging the battery and extend its life. You will need this if you have a car with a ‘start/stop’ button.

The best smart battery chargers for your car

Ring Automotive RSC808 Smart Battery Charger

4/6/8A for 6/12/24V batteries

This 8A smart battery charger is one of the most powerful devices on our list. Capable of supplying 12V and 24V, it is perfect for cars and trucks. But if you’re looking for something a little lower on the Amp spectrum, you can purchase the 4A or 6A version through the same Amazon page.

Another useful feature of this smart charger is its backlit LCD screen, clearly displaying charging progress, battery voltage and selected mode. It also has a seven-step charging process, which includes testing and reconditioning the battery.

Noco Genius 1UK Smart Charger

1A for 6/12V batteries

NOCO GENIUS 1UK, 1A fully automatic smart charger, 6V and 12V battery charger

With a rated output of 1A, this smart charger can charge both 6V and 12V batteries. It’s slightly less powerful than some of the other options available online, so while it can charge cars and larger vehicles, it’s ideal for smaller ones like motorcycles and lawnmowers.

This model is an upgrade from the brand’s previous model, the G750UK, which is 22% larger and 30% less powerful.

In this design, you will get a built-in thermal sensor, which recognizes the ambient temperature and changes its power settings to avoid overcharging or undercharging.

Hyundai smart battery charger

4A for 6/12V batteries

Hyundai 4 amp 6v 12v 2 smart car battery charger

Hyundai is a trusted name when it comes to cars and accessories, so this smart charger should be a reliable option. It can offer compatibility with both 6V and 12V batteries and remembers the last settings you used when you turn it on.

In addition, there are many important safety features, as the charger protects against short circuits, overheating and overcharging. It is also “spark proof” and displays charging status with the indicator light.

Hilka RAC Smart Battery Charger

4A for 6/12V batteries

Hilka RAC 4A Smart Battery Charger

A product of RAC, this smart charger helps you keep your car in top condition. It can tell when your battery is bad and has an intelligent five-stage charging system with short circuit and overcharge protection.

Whether your car battery is completely drained or just needs to be recharged over a long period of time, this smart charger can get the job done. It comes with a useful diagnostic and rescue function designed to recharge empty batteries, as well as a winter service mode, ideal for engines you use seasonally.

Halfords Advanced Plus Smart Battery Charger

6A for 12V batteries

Halfords Plus Advanced Smart Battery Charger

For a stylish design, look no further than this smart charger from Halfords. Plus, it comes with a hook, so you can hang it on your car’s hood to keep it out of the way.

This model is also simple to use, as it automatically chooses the fastest charge setting and switches to a lower rate when the battery is full. There’s even a winter mode for charging in cold weather.

The design also includes an eight-stage charging process, which keeps the battery running efficiently even in cool temperatures.

AA smart battery charger

1.5A for 6/12V batteries

AA 6V 12V Smart Car Battery Charger

This model comes from the AA, so it’s another great option from a trusted brand. Like all the best smart chargers, it has a clear digital display and built-in memory, so it’ll revert to your most recently used settings when you turn it on.

Thanks to the device’s microprocessor, it modifies the current and voltage to meet the needs of the battery while it is charging. Plus, it protects against short circuits for added safety.

GYS ARTIC 4000 smart battery charger

4A for 6/12V batteries

GYS ARTIC 4000 4A Smart Battery Charger

A few smart features set this smart charger apart from others on the market. After a power outage, it will automatically resume charging with the most recently used settings. It also comes with a quick connector for added convenience.

You will be able to choose between four different charging modes when using this device. There are slow (for small batteries), fast (for 12V batteries), cold (for periods when the temperature is below 5°C) and 6V (for 6V batteries and older vehicles).

This charger is also a durable option and should last a long time, as it is dust and liquid resistant and comes with a protective case. You’ll also get all the safety features you expect from a smart battery charger, like a spark prevention system.

Noco G1100 1.1A Smart Charger

4A for 6/12V batteries

NOCO Smart Charger

Another popular option is this smart charger from Halfords. With 4A of power, it’s perfect for charging motorcycles, lawn mowers and small vehicles like quads.

This model comes with a built-in desulfator to improve battery charge capacity if it has reduced over time. It also changes its settings to avoid overcharging once it is fully charged.

Wiley C. Thompson