The Bentley of Bikes – How Custom Bikes Revolutionize Recreation


After a week of escape to Palm Beach where the only vehicles that outnumbered Bentleys were bikes, often a sophisticated take on the sexy two-wheelers. At around the same time, a press release about lovely custom bikes appeared in my inbox.

The images of ViveloThe whimsical bicycles from captured our imaginations as we pictured my LSU cycle in purple and gold and its beach cruiser with accents of Harvard purple. Even though we couldn’t find the school colors on the Instagram account. A new marketing approach, perhaps?

In addition to unique cruisers, classic city bikes and choppers, the Miami-based company offers a full line of custom bike accessories. All made in Miami’s arts district Wynwood.

“We want Vivelo bikes to faithfully reflect the rider’s personality – they start with a choice of 16 different Swiss powder coated frame options and from there they choose their fork, rims, tires, spokes, light, stem. , handlebars, grips, brakes, crank, pedals, chain, chain cover, mudguard, saddle, seat springs, stickers and seat post in all colors ”, said Peter NowocieÅ„, CEO of Vivelo. PaperCity. “Put simply, they (the customers) design and we create.

“Every inch of a Vivelo bicycle is designed to be the rider’s unique reflection.”

The company was founded in Europe where it has been manufacturing high quality custom bikes since 2010, selling 2,500 each year. Vivelo entered the US market in 2019 and currently produces 1,500 bikes per year. Bikes, which can be completed with a week’s order, range from $ 800 to $ 1,100 depending on customization.

“Throughout the bicycle manufacturing process, we place our core value on quality and individuality,” Nowocień says, adding with great pride: “We bring handcrafted bicycles to those who appreciate the good. old-fashioned know-how.

“Our bikes are very different, much better than 99% of the beach cruising bikes currently on the market which are largely mass-produced with poor quality materials made in China. A Vivelo bike is like a KIA against a Bentley.

Among Vivelo fans are Shark aquarium‘s Kevin O’Leary, famous soccer player Robert lewandowski and Brazilian singer / songwriter Claudia Leitte with 2.2 million Instagram followers.


Wiley C. Thompson

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