Tech Week 2023: RSD Bikes Announces New Wildcat 150 and RS-291 Ti Hardtail

RSD Bikes is a brand based in Toronto, Canada. Known for a range of hardtails, fat bikes and plus clincher bikes, they also make a full suspension bike – the Wildcat. Now we see the introduction of a 150mm-travel Wildcat model, as well as further forays into titanium.

The Wild Cat 150
The Wildcat 150 is an aggressive, long-travel trail bike. The alloy bike uses, you guessed it, a 150mm platform built around a slack, downhill-focused geometry. While the bike may resemble the original, shorter-travel 125, both in terms of suspension design and overall aesthetics, it features a new front triangle that features big changes in its angles.
The bike’s head angle is 63.5 degrees, which is slack even for a long-travel trail bike built around a 160mm fork. It is paired with a seat tube that has an effective angle of 77 degrees. The bikes reach values ​​are equally aggressive with numbers of 442, 470, 490 and 511mm for their size small to extra-wide.

Adaptability also seems to be a theme with the Wildcat. The bike is marketed to use both 27+ and 29″ wheels, as well as being able to work with mixed wheels. They can do this because the rear of the bike is fitted with a dropout, which offers around 15mm The change between the 425 or 440mm chainstays is not insignificant and will also move the rear travel value slightly away from the namesake 150mm.

As for the suspension, the new design produces different leverage ratios and anti-squat, but according to RSD is still a very effective crankset. RSD says they build the bikes they want to ride, and the way he pedals isn’t lost on that. They say this bike gives the pedaling characteristics to make it adept at steep, technical climbs, just like the type they find on their doorstep in Eastern Canada.

RSD says the suspension is soft on top for better small-bump compliance, and fairly progressive and linear throughout the rest of the stroke. Claimed frame weight is 3.45 kg (7 lb 10 oz) for a medium, with a large weighing around 100 grams more. Complete bikes weigh 15.25 kg (33 lb 10 oz). This claim is based on a bike with tubeless tires and a dropper post.

Complete bikes will start for $4699.00 CAD / $3999.00 USD plus shipping, and frame-only options will sell for $2499.00 CAD / $1999.00 USD plus shipping. Pre-orders are currently underway for delivery in February 2023.

Titanium RS-291
Much like the Wildcat 150, aggressive geometry is a theme. The RS-291 is built around a 150mm fork and the same 63.5 head angle as the full suspension bike. This head angle is coupled with a seat tube angle of 75.3 degrees. While it’s comparatively stiffer, it’s worth remembering how a static geometry chart converts to a dynamic riding experience is very different on a hardtail.
The RS-291 also uses a dropout, and if you want to make the bike even more aggressive, you can spec it to a mixed-wheel setup. This will slack the bike further at a 63.1 degree head angle and lower the bottom bracket to 315mm.

The bike weighs 12.7 kg or 28 Lb 1 oz for dropper mount and tubeless setup. A medium frame weighs 2.23 kg (4 lb 15 oz). Complete bikes start at $6699.00 CAD / $5249.00 USD plus shipping and the frame costs $2999.00 CAD / $2599.00 USD plus shipping. Pre-orders are being accepted now, with delivery in February 2023.

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Wiley C. Thompson