TCIL invites expressions of interest in solar trees, high masts and street lights

Telecom Consultants India Limited (ICTC), a Government of India company, has issued an Expression of Interest (EoI) to select back-end partners on the basis of a fixed rate contract for the supply, installation and maintenance of solar high masts, of solar trees and solar street lights across India.

The scope of work includes the supply, testing and commissioning of a mini LED solar mast, solar trees with a bicycle and mobile charging facility, solar street lights and a solar power pack off-grid 1 KW.

All equipment and solutions provided under this EoI shall carry a full five-year on-site warranty with parts and labor.

The tariff contract is for a period of three years and can be extended by mutual consent. Prior to executing the scope of work for the end customer, TCIL will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the selected bidder in accordance with the agreed tariff contract.

The deadline for submitting bids is April 26, 2022 and bids will open on April 27.

Bidders will be suspended from bidding on any contract with TCIL for five years if they withdraw or modify their bids or fail to sign the agreement on time.

The successful bidder must post a back-to-back performance bank guarantee, as submitted by TCIL to the end customer if the contract is awarded to TCIL by the end customer.

Purchase preference is given only to “Made in India” components. Only Class I local suppliers are eligible to bid if there is sufficient local capacity. If sufficient local capacity does not exist, local Class I and Class II suppliers are eligible to bid

Bidders must have completed at least one similar work or supply, costing at least ₹20 million (~$262,633) excluding tax, or two similar works, each costing at least ₹10.5 million (~$137,882) excluding tax. These projects must be completed within the last seven years.

For micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and startups, this amount is ₹10.75 (~$141,171) million in case of similar work and ₹10.25 (~$134,605) million each for two similar works.

Over the past three years, bidders must have achieved an average annual revenue of at least ₹10.5 million (~$137,882), ending March 31 of the previous fiscal year. For MSEs and startups, this amount is ₹10 million (~$131,342) excluding GST. Bidders must have a positive net worth in the last fiscal year and have had a pre-tax profit in two of the last three fiscal years.

If the successful bidder fails to deliver the required equipment or fails to install and commission the projects on time, they will be liable to pay liquidated damages equivalent to 0.5% of the value of the delayed procurement or purchase order for each week of delay up to eight weeks. . For any further delays, they will be charged 1% of the value of the delayed supply or purchase order for each week up to seven weeks for supply delays and eight weeks for commissioning delays.

Last year, TCIL launched an EoI to select partners to set up 5 GW of grid-connected solar projects under IREDA’s Central Public Sector Undertaking program.

It has also launched a tender for engineering and consultancy services for the establishment of solar projects in Assam.

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Wiley C. Thompson