Snood or no snood? Specialized’s aero balaclava divides opinion; G vest; Drugs seized by police in successful Bahrain raids; Tadej the Twitter troll; Hunt Wheels Owners Receive ‘Seven-Figure Funding’ + More on LiveBlog

After all the talk of Ineos and Filippo Ganna’s ‘marginal flaps’ suit last month, British team kit supplier Bioracer has revealed that the world time trial champion will be wearing a ‘supersonic’ TT suit. ” on the Tour, with strategically placed seams and uppers. from 300 hours of wind tunnel testing.

“Each wetsuit is tailor-made, tailored to the individual athlete’s body,” says Bioracer. “This also applies to Ganna’s time trial suit. Her suit was fully customized based on her physique, personal preferences and racing position. In her case, that means a bespoke suit with a front zipper and no leg grippers, both for personal comfort.

“Welding and taping the seams instead of conventionally sewing them, as well as placing them strategically, avoids even the slightest turbulence which could have a negative impact on its aerodynamics. In addition, a smooth fabric surface is applied to the back and sleeves, unlike what is often seen in the peloton. The underlying reason, of course, cannot be disclosed.

Meanwhile, Specialized-sponsored teams – TotalEnergies, Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl and Bora-Hansgrohe – have opted for this attractive aero hood look, effectively eliminating the rider’s ears from the aero equation (at the expense of all styling and integrity):

According to Robbie McEwen, EF’s Stefan Bissegger is also aiming to outplay his rivals by riding a frankly ridiculously large 64-tooth ring. It’s called a dinner plate… Maybe the kind of plate you’d only find in an all-you-can-eat restaurant…

Either way, all measurements, aero testing and calculations (okay, Sean Kelly) are now complete. Here we are!

Wiley C. Thompson