Serial 1 Mosh CTY electric bike is a dream for urban commuters


Series 1 provided a Mosh CTY review the bike so I can get from my hotel in downtown LA about a mile south of the LA auto show this week.

But I have used it to attend the USC football game a few miles south, dinner / events in various parts of town, and generally for getting around instead of Uber or renting a car.

So how did it go ?

Note: Harley / Serial 1 has a $ 1,000 off the Black Friday sale on all of its electric bikes

Mosh CTY 1 Series Specifications

The Mosh is a Class 1 electric bike powered by a specially tuned Brose motor and 529 Wh battery which is connected to the rear wheel with a Gates belt drive. There are no gears on this bike and no shifters, which makes the bike look extremely clean. There’s also no throttle, which means that as the bike approaches 20mph your leg cadence becomes blurry.

The CTY Mosh looks like a heavy throwback to the original Harley Serial 1 lineup with its massive wheels, battery / motor combo, and all over size. But at 48 lbs, the aluminum frame keeps it light while maintaining the rider’s weight limit of 280 lbs (128 kg).

Series 1 says the electric bike will give you between 35 and 115 miles, which means pretty much anything. For what it’s worth, I drove the whole week without needing to recharge and had no issues, so the low end of 35 miles looks very plausible. There is no speedometer or odometer, so my measurements are estimates. I did about 45 urban miles for the week and I had one solid bar in four left.

The primary focus of Series 1 here is simplicity. There is no display or gears to think about. All wiring is routed internally. The only controls are a power gauge illuminated by up and down arrows. You’ll probably stay at maximum assistance, but there are four levels starting unassisted, which is actually nice when you’re browsing like below:


I am a huge fan of the internal belt-driven Brose motors because they are quiet, vibration free and the power curve is subtle but torquey. My daily e-bike rider is always a 2017 Raleigh Redux IE, which is so smooth that I often forget I’m riding an e-bike (it doesn’t matter if I’m going 20mph on a slight hill). The Mosh CTY is somehow even better with an improved battery and a smooth, maintenance-free Gates belt drive. The lightweight, mid-size Brose S MAG motor features an internal brushless rotor and produces 90 Nm / 66 lb-ft of torque, perfect for beating cars or climbing serious hills without grandma’s gear.

The motor and battery are both located at the bottom of the bike, which gives this thing a much lower center of gravity than a typical e-bike, and it shows in the handling and high-speed cornering.

Instead of watching me ride the city streets, take a look at this guy with more skills:

Lights, wheels, rims and brakes

You get huge 27.5 x 2.8 inch Schwalbe Super Moto-X road wheels combined with 27.5 x 35mm alloy rims and Sapim stainless steel spokes. These large wheels are the only suspension you will get since this is a rigid / hardtail fork setup. SIMPLICITY !

Stopping power is provided by hydraulic dual-piston front and rear disc brakes and 203mm x 1.8mm rotors. Everything here is a bit above spec. 180mm brakes are standard on this bike of this size, and these wheels are significantly stronger than your typical commuter.

Perhaps most impressive is the lighting, which is not just a beacon but a Roxim high beam that actually lights up the road in front of you. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an illuminated signature Serial 1 head tube light that looks awesome. At the back you have two red lights on (better than one) although they don’t act as turn signals. They light up when accelerating, not just when braking, and turn into hazard lights when the bike is on its side.

Pedals? Take a look at these metal beasts. No shoes, no service:

Load the Serial 1 Mosh CTY

Charging the 529Wh battery is very easy. You can charge it via the bike’s down tube or directly from the battery if you take it out and take it to your home or office. Charging times are 0-100% in 4.75 hours or 0-75% in 2.6 hours. There is the typical red charging indicator on the charger, which turns green when it is finished or no longer charging. The charger is big enough but fits in a backpack if you want to take it on long walks. I wish there was a more standard charging socket so that you could plug a solar charger or car charger into it without an inverter.

Electek’s point of view

I will first eliminate the worst: this electric bike is not for me.

The 20mph Class 1 speed limit is a non-starter for me – which is a shame as I like to LOVE pretty much everything else on this bike. It’s very easy to get on and off, the driving is a dream, the components are top of the line, and what’s not to love about accelerating as fast as cars coming out of the way. line ? Braking is powerful and controlled (although my new brakes made a bit too much noise) and the lighting makes it super safe. The huge wheels take the bumps like a champ and the hills are easy.

But, just as the ride was about to get interesting, I was starting to look for more speed and more power. There’s no speed to move beyond 20 mph, and even though you can pedal that high, the motor stops helping you.

I’m fully aware that my commutes in the suburbs and my need for a speed of 28mph aren’t all use cases. For city dwellers or those with less than 20mph content, this will be an amazing bike option. This bike is so much fun and I felt like a man among men up to 20mph.

In a perfect world, I would absolutely go to Class 3 top CTY speed with an upgraded 706 Wh battery and an Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent auto-shifting CVT hub. I can’t imagine what I would complain about with this bike.

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Wiley C. Thompson