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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Second Chance Inc. makes good use of the extra space in its 250,000 square foot retail warehouse.

The Baltimore nonprofit, known for selling salvaged materials while providing job training for those who may struggle to find jobs, will donate a section of its warehouse to local small businesses and organizations so they can get more visibility.

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“It’s just to cement the idea of ​​community and community support, especially in these trying times,” said Chris DerDerDian of Second Chance Inc.

They call it their Community Spotlight Festival. Each month will have a theme, and with February being Black History Month, it will feature Baltimore-based black artisans, business owners and community organizations.

“Any exposure like Second Chance gives us – like your station gives us – is greatly appreciated and needed,” said Akos Sunday, principal designer of Regal Clothes.

Sunday is set up a few booths from Black Women Build-Baltimore, a homeownership and wealth-building initiative that trains black women in carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills.

“It’s a big, big exposure for us because we’re relatively new, so we want to see more black women learning what we do and applying it,” said Tonika Garibaldi of Black Women Build.

Nina Ross is using the festival to show off her personalized cookie company, Nina’s Cookies Explosion.

“It’s really important to show local businesses because I think people want to support them more, they just don’t know where to find them,” Ross said.

A total of nine companies are featured at this month’s festival, spotlighting the people and organizations that make Baltimore beautiful.

Here’s a list of artisans and merchants showcasing their wares at the warehouse this month:


We created Afrothreads to preserve traditional African textile art, promote creativity and increase black ownership within the textile and fashion industry. We also aim to raise awareness about fast fashion, textile waste and cultural exploitation.

BYKE Collective

The BYKE Collective is a youth enrichment program dedicated to personal and professional development through learning bicycle mechanics, practicing safe riding and building community. BYKE is black-led and youth-centered to increase access to bicycle maintenance and youth employment for young Baltimore City residents.

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Black Women Build-Baltimore

Black Women Build-Baltimore was founded in 2017 by Shelley Halstead, who combined a law degree, skills and experience as a master carpenter, and a passion for economic and social justice. A homeownership and wealth-building initiative, Black Women Build-Baltimore trains black women in carpentry, electrical work and plumbing, as they restore vacant and deteriorated homes and are helped to clean them up. to buy. The organization offers its holistic training program to capable women who are ready for change and who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

Ahyji creates

I’m Ahyji, a Baltimore based artist who focuses on illustration. I’ve been drawing and creating since I can remember. That’s my goal, no doubt. Ashytj Creates is where I share some of that goal with you as I grow as an artist and creator. My work is fun and playful, capturing the essence of ordinary people as I see them, no matter what is acceptable to the general public. I hope my work will help us all to see each other a little bit despite our differences.

royal clothes

Regal Clothes is a Baltimore-based fashion brand that believes in the transformative power of fashion. We use the vibrant tribal Ankara fabrics of West Africa to create unique clothing and accessories. I was raised with one foot in Africa and one foot in the West, the memories of my diverse childhood are strongly reflected in the fashions. The Regal Clothes collection is a representation of my vibrant worlds coming together. Our mission is to reconnect culture and self-awareness through fashion.

Drama MaMa Bookstore

Drama MaMa Bookstore is a stationery manufacturing company that promotes mental and emotional well-being through the art of journaling, bookbinding, and creative writing. Our mission is to create a safe space for people to authentically express themselves and determine how they will bring change to the world within and around them. Creating a safe space for authenticity is what we do and the mission behind every journal we link.

Nina’s cookie explosion

Nina’s Cookie Explosion is a Baltimore-based, black woman-owned business with a focus on helping the community. At Nina’s Cookie explosion, you can express your creativity by mixing and matching any dough and filling to make the perfect cookie for you! Cookies and cookie dough are always made in small batches to order.

These are major creations

This is Major Creations Apparel was created to express our pride in being a former HBCU. With every design created, our ongoing mission is to provide quality apparel that showcases African American culture, expressions, and experiences.

Tailor-made companies

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Mission and logo to come.

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