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IF A — Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, is launching its revolutionary EVlink Home Smart Charger at IFA 2022. The charger is the world’s first to intelligently handle the heavy load energy of electric vehicles at home and to favor renewable energy sources.

Schneider-Electric The new EVlink Home Smart charger is the first on the market that integrates into a complete home energy management ecosystem to monitor the energy consumption of electric vehicles in real time, predict expenses and establish budgets with ease with four different modes: “charge now”, “green charge*”, “profitable” and “custom schedule”. By connecting to the complete Home Energy system, owners can control all their electrical appliances and monitor their consumption through a single application.

The use of electric vehicle chargers is on the rise as consumers make more sustainable lifestyle choices to reduce their carbon emissions, but charging your car needs to be convenient and affordable. An EV can increase household energy loads by up to 40% (not to mention the impact on already skyrocketing energy bills). This is a concern for environmentally conscious homeowners, as homes already generate more carbon emissions than transportation, industry or power generation.

With its ability to seamlessly connect and fully integrate with Schneider Electric’s Wiser Home Energy Management system, users can tackle this worry head-on, all from the palm of their hand. Users can control how and when their electric vehicle is charged, and balance the load against other power-hungry devices, via their mobile when they need it, wherever they are.

Initiate “profitable” mode

By enabling ‘profitable’ mode, Wiser can help avoid costly bills by creating the most efficient schedule based on the cheapest electricity rate available. For owners who have energy limits set, Wiser can also stop charging whenever consumption reaches the power limit contract, ensuring bills stay under control, forever.

Wiser’s intelligent energy management system automatically balances loads to provide minimum disruption and maximum efficiency for homeowners. For example, if they start cooking, the system syncs with Wiser to understand power consumption in conjunction with other devices in real time to avoid any interruptions or tripping. It brings ultimate convenience, allowing you to charge your car without interrupting the rest of your lifestyle.

It’s easy to be green

In 2023, users will have access to the “green mode” where owners can fully utilize the power of renewable energy. For example, if solar power is available, the system will automatically switch to that source. Plus, when solar power is at its peak conversion time, your EV can be set to charge at that time, eliminating the need to use expensive grid power.

For additional information on your carbon footprint, the app also provides updates on your CO2 consumption, allowing you to make more informed decisions on where further savings can be made.

Optimizing our energy use, making better sustainability decisions, and ensuring our cars are charged and ready to go when we need them is to make our energy and our homes work harder for us and for the planet.

The EVlink Home Smart charger is the latest addition to Schneider Electric’s range of EV chargers for smart and sustainable home energy management:

The EVlink Mureva plug – suitable for small vehicles, bicycles or motorcycles

The new EVlink Pro AC – for residential, commercial, office or industrial buildings

Price and availability

The EVlink smart home charger will be available in Q4 2022. Pricing to be shared.

Visit Schneider Electric at IFA: Booth 123, Hall 5.2 to learn more about the full range of electric vehicle chargers and for individual energy consultations on how to reduce your personal carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Notes to Editors

*Green charging mode available in 2023 in some countries.

Information sessions are available on site with spokespersons.

High resolution images available upon request

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