Save Up To $300 On Electric Bikes At Rad Power Bikes Right Now

With gas price constantly changing and the cost of almost everything is rising, many people are looking for ways to cut costs. Cities often charge a premium for parking, and traffic can be a problem to navigate. Electric bikesin the same way scooters and other rideable technology, have exploded in popularity as a way to get where you’re going without breaking a sweat. There are a ton of e-bike options available that can provide you with an eco-friendly way to navigate your city, commute to work, or get around campus. And many of them are reasonably priced, especially if you’re expecting a bargain.

Currently Rad Electric Bikes cut costs on a few of its e-bike models. You can save $200 on the RadCity 3 and the RadCity 4 Electric city bikes or $300 on the RadMission Electric Hybrid Bikewhich makes investing in an e-bike a little easier on your wallet.

The RadMission is relatively light and has a ride feel similar to that of a road bike. Because it’s lightweight, it’s a great option for apartment dwellers and others who may have to carry their e-bike up a flight of stairs. It supports up to 275 pounds, sports a 500W motor, features four-level pedal assist, and travels up to 45 miles per charge. At $300 off, you’ll only pay $899 for the mid- or high-pitch models.

Like the RadMission, the two RadCity models on sale have a range of up to 45 miles per charge and can haul up to 275 pounds, but the RadCity bikes feature a 750W motor and pedal assist at five levels. And the RadCity 3 features a Step-Thru design that can come in handy if you have a shorter frame or dress in work clothes frequently. These features make these e-bikes a bit more expensive, but with the $200 discount, you can score either one for $1,399.

And whichever model you choose, you can customize it with handy accessories like luggage racks, wheel locks and more, though these additions come at an additional cost.

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Wiley C. Thompson