Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Feb 15, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sikandar’s Evil Plan

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Gehna/Kamya checks car dickie and wonders where the bag went. Sikandar walks towards her and asks if she is looking for something. She says no. He asks if she kept her bag, this trip will be too nice. She nods yes. Kabir walks to Kamya’s room asking if she is ready. Saroj crosses his legs and laughs. Kabir asks what it was. Saroj says even Kabir fired him, she is disappointed and left him. Kabir says she didn’t have to go very far. Saroj laughs again and says Kamya did not leave and accepted the picnic. She promises to hit a cupid between him and Kamya and asks for a bag as a reward and shows her link online.

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Sikandar’s son asks him to recite a poem for him. He recites Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai.. poem. Arjun says he knows it was for Kamya. Sikandar says that’s why Arjun is his right hand, Kamya doesn’t know the bag reached its owner, already remembering noticing Kavya hiding the bag in the car and picking it up after he left. Arjun asks if they are sparing Kamya. Sikandar says he never spares his enemies. Arjun says they will finish Kamya today. Grandmother and grandmother are walking towards the car. Saroj asks Kamya to come with Kabir as Dadi, Dadi, she and Arjun arrive in one car and Sikandar and his family in another car. Kabir rides his bike and asks if anyone remembered him. Saroj says Kamya wants to come with him. Dadi asks her to drive bicycle slowly. Dada asks him to drive fast.

Kabir slowly rides his bicycle. Kamya even mocks a turtle crawling faster than him, he was driving. It increases the speed. She asks him to slow down and falls off the bike. Kabir stops the bike, rushes to her and picks her up. She resists and asks him to take her down. He makes her sit on a bench. Their long romantic nok jhok begins. She complains that her favorite scarf got torn because of him. He puts his scarf around his neck.

At the compound, Sikandar and Arjun plan how to kill Kamya there. Kabir’s mother is impatiently waiting for someone. Daada Daadi jokes that they see their DIL waiting for Kabir for the first time. Kabir enters with Kamya. Dadi says Kabir’s scarf looks good on Kamya. Daada says she is right. Saroj laughs at Kamya. Kamya describes the whole incident. Kabir’s girlfriend Lavanya runs up to him and asks if he is surprised to see her. Kabir asks what Lavanya is doing here. Lavanya recalls that he calls her Love. Daada Daadi gets angry seeing her. Mother says she invited Lavanya as Kabir must be missing his girlfriend. Kabir looking at Kamya says he will enjoy with Lavanya. Ignorant Kamya thinks where did the bag go. Saroj asks Sikandar if Kabir is fine with Kamya or Lavanya. Sikandar says he doesn’t like the love triangle and will release Kabir from an angle. He announces a paintball match and divides the family into 2 teams. Kamya while playing calls someone and asks his helper to get someone’s call records. Someone points their gun at her.

Precap: Mother tells Sikandar that Kamya is becoming a headache for her. Sikandar says Kamya is the same girl he has been looking for 6 months and he will kill her today. Kabir offers a rose to Kamya. Arjun fires a bullet towards her.

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