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To ensure a seamless transfer of personal vehicles across India, 15 states and UTs have so far deployed the new Bharat series (BH series) for personal vehicle registration, Union Road secretary said on Friday, Giridhar Aramane.

The government notified a new vehicle registration regime in August that will release vehicle owners from the re-registration process when they move from one state or EU territory to another.

“This vehicle registration facility under” Bharat series (BH series) “will be available on a voluntary basis for defense personnel, employees of central government / state government / central public sector enterprises / state and private sector companies / organizations, which have their offices in at least four states / union territories, ”the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) said in a statement.

Speaking to PTI, Aramane said that under the new national auto policy, vehicle scrapping facilities are being put in place in states. “We have already received an application from Gujarat. We are awaiting another application from Assam,” he said.

He added that once these facilities become available and the three existing facilities also register and become fully operational in accordance with the policy, state governments will be motivated to give up to 25% discount on the fee. road tax for vehicles purchased after scrapping. the elders. “At the moment, since the facilities are still being put in place, states do not need to announce it immediately,” Aramane said.

Recently, the Union Department of Road Transport and Highways said that states and Union Territories (UTs) will offer up to 25% road tax rebate for vehicles purchased after clearance. scrap old vehicles as part of the new national car scrapping policy. Regarding the steps MoRTH is taking to develop electric vehicle infrastructure, Aramane said this is being approached in 2-3 ways.

He pointed out that two-wheeler companies like Ola, Ather Energy, etc. are planning to have their own infrastructure. In addition, the Ministry of Heavy Industries has already launched a call for tenders for the establishment of recharging infrastructure throughout the country. So that’s going to happen in the next few months as well, Aramane added.

At the same time, he said that the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has also notified 100 toll stations this year for the construction of wayside equipment, where the charging infrastructure will be mandated. “Already 30 of them have been awarded, the other 70 will also be awarded during the year,” said Aramane, who is also the chairman of NHAI.

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