Review: Wolf Tooth B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Mount


The Wolf Tooth B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Holder are a great, secure way to attach riding gear to your bike. While this looks a lot like many straps that serve the same purpose, it is also quite different in that it comes with its own metal baseplate that bolts directly to the frame for added security. It costs a bit more too, but you get the peace of mind.

The B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Holder is a two-part system – there is the Strap End Cap and the Base Plate End Cap. The strap looks a lot like other bicycle strap straps, but it’s usefully wide at 2 inches and just over 12 inches long – the extra Velcro area makes it a lot more reassuring to tie things up.

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A thick foam pad at the end of the strap loop protects your gubbins from the metal plate and really allows you to squeeze your stuff into it. There is also a small reflective tab at the end of the strap.

This strap passes through a metal baseplate designed to mount directly to the bottle solders on your frame using the included spacers and bolts, although Wolf Tooth recommends using a B-RAD base for the bolt.

As a strap system for carrying extra stuff on your frame, it works great; you can fit an inner tube or two (depending on size) and a multi-tool into it, and maybe even a slim mini-pump if you’re crafty. Or just strap on a light jacket and cycle – it all depends on your specific needs, really.

There are smaller and larger versions if you need to carry less or more.

As a strap it is very secure. The side of the strap that holds your cargo is made of Toughtek Grip fabric which has hundreds of tiny rubberized dots so it really wants to grab onto things, and you can really pull the strap to tighten it against that metal plate. All of this, combined with the width of the strap, means nothing will slowly slip off during a ride, no matter how bumpy it is.

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Being able to bolt the strap to a bike’s bottle bosses via the baseplate adds an extra level of security to the Wolf Tooth strap system, as it won’t shift or be knocked over to the side because of other straps that wrap around a frame are prone to do.

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Being securely attached to a bottle boss or the base of the wolf tooth also means that there is no chance that the strap or the pieces contained will scratch or rub the paint on your precious bike. The downside is that it lacks the adaptability of a loose strap that can be tied anywhere on the bike.

Value and conclusion

At twice the price of some frame straps, the medium strap and B-RAD accessory holder seems like a lot of money, especially when all you get on top of that is a metal plate. The Effetto Mariposa Espresso Strap Lungo currently costs around £ 12 (CHF 15) and the Lezyne Sendit Caddy is £ 21. But the B-RAD strap is much wider and more grippy than most, and this metal plate does a great job of being very strong and still, and not scratching the paint on your frame so that a dent. extra in your credit card could make it newsworthy. However, you lose the adaptability of slapping the strap anywhere on the bike.

If you use the strap and stand in conjunction with the B-RAD mounting base, this opens up your mounting options, but you will need to put your hand deeper into your wallet.


Very secure storage strap which, unlike others, must be bolted to your frame

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Brand and model : Wolf Tooth B-RAD Medium Strap and Accessory Holder

Tell us what the product is for and who it is for. What do the manufacturers say? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Wolf Tooth says, “The medium strap and accessory holder allow you to carry accessories on the frame of your bike rather than in jersey pockets or a backpack. Securely attach 2-3.25 “diameter items such as CO2 cartridges, tubes, jackets, bags, etc. Lightweight, durable and rustproof materials Includes mounting plate, strap and associated liner hardware ED Extremely grippy and flexible webbing with reflective tongue and foam pad. ‘

As a system for attaching bits to your bike, it works great and is incredibly secure.

Tell us a little more about the technical aspects of the product?

Lists of wolf teeth:

Mounts directly to the solders of your frame using the included spacers.

A B-RAD base is recommended if you want to adjust the position of the bracket along the frame tube or mount a bottle in line above.

Compatible with any frame that uses standard 64mm spacing bottle cage solders (essentially all modern frames) Strap items 50-80mm in diameter securely

Hardware included is a T25 Torx head

Weight: 42g (plate and strap)

Material: bracket – 6061-T6 aluminum, 50mm x 80mm. Hardware – stainless steel. Webbing – Toughtek® Grip fabric, hook and loop, 3M® SALAS reflective tongue, EVA foam pad.

50mm wide, 330mm long

Holds a diameter of 50 to 80 mm (2 to 3.25 inches)

Tools Needed: T25 Torx

Rate the product for build quality:


It is a well made and sturdy accessory.

Rate the product for its performance:


It holds up really amazingly well on your gubbins.

Rate the product for its durability:


These are all quality components and construction; it will last a while.

Rate the product by weight (if applicable)


It is heavier than a standard frame strap thanks to its width and metal base plate; you might think it’s worth it.

Evaluate the product for its value:


It’s more expensive than a standard frame strap, but you get the added security of a metal plate.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its intended purpose

The Wolf Tooth Strap and Accessory Holder holds a small selection of your spare parts for your bike in an incredibly secure way thanks to its wide grip strap and mounting plate.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Secure strap and strong base plate.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product

It has to be bolted to a bike somehow, so it doesn’t have the adaptability of a normal frame strap to put anywhere.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

The strap and the B-RAD accessory holder are a bit lonely. The Effetto Mariposa Espresso Strap Lungo is an equally wide strap at a fraction of the price (£ 14) that isn’t limited to a bottle holder but could scratch your paint. The Lezyne Sendit Caddy also looks like a tidy option, with its small tool pouch keeping things tidy out of the dirt, and costs £ 21.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, as a safer, more permanent alternative to a standard frame strap.

Use this box to explain your overall score

Overall I would rate it as very good. As an alternative to a normal frame strap, it’s more solid and secure – but only if you have spare bottle bumps or want to buy into the Wolf Tooth B-RAD system.

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