Restoration of bikes to deliver the Beebe man’s Christmas present | News

Restored bikes line the back of Clint Roe’s residence in Beebe, waiting to be gifted for Christmas to local children.

Roe, who has lived in Beebe for five years, renovates scrap bikes to help families who cannot afford them for their children. He said he started doing it about 15 years ago when he was picking up toys to give to children. When he returned home to North Little Rock, he started collecting bikes.

“I pick up trash and stuff all the time for people and they always have bikes lying around and stuff, so I decided to use the bikes instead of the toys and it’s been going really well,” said Roe. “So far we have helped 23 families with bicycles [this year] and I still have 20 to 30 to do.

He said his efforts to repair the bikes and donate them to others have grown over the years. “We almost doubled last year. I collect bikes all year round.

To find those who need bikes, Roe said he uses social media when “some people know I do and call me.”

“I’m helping Sheep Dog Impact Assistance for a disabled veteran and his 8 year old child and found two matching bikes, one for dad and one for the kid, so we’ll be giving them away closer to Christmas,” a- he said, “and I think next Saturday, if I have any bikes left, I’ll go to a parking lot in front of Waffle House. [in Beebe] and give the rest.

As for how he finds the parts for the broken bikes he fixes, Roe said “we use some of the other bikes that can’t be repaired for the parts and I fund them myself, the tubes, the grips. and all the rest. I had a few guys who helped me out on Wednesday with cleaning the bikes and refurbishing them and everything.

The bikes Roe said he picks up are “rusty and everything and we’re doing our best to clean them.”

“Helping others is a way of life and it’s just something I’ve always done,” he said. “When I was collecting toys in Palm Beach, Florida, I had the NFL behind me and some of the other people involved in the NFL donated. I had a restaurant that let us have Santa’s bartender night and we collected money for that.

Roe said he also enjoys going to disaster-affected places with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance in an attempt to help. “We just returned from Hurricane Ida in Louisiana. We went and there were about 100 of us volunteering. We distributed 18,000 books of supplies. We cut like 190 trees from houses and tarpaulin houses and things like that.

“Sheep Dog Impact Assistance doesn’t take care of my bikes, but I do a lot of things with them,” he said. “They have chapters all over the United States and I am a member of the chapter here in central Arkansas.”

As for his cycling efforts, anyone who wants one or would like to help with donations can call him at (501) 858-8333. “Sometimes I post a message on Facebook saying I need volunteers and I get a great response from Beebe. Beebe has been a great asset, the people are so generous and wonderful.

In addition to donating the bikes, Roe said he also donated around 12 to 13 artificial Christmas trees and decorations this year. “These are Christmas trees that people get rid of because they bought a new Christmas tree, so they call me and I go and look for it and I find someone who needs it and I give them the tree. , decorations and lights. “

Wiley C. Thompson