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As expected, we had a lot of comments on yesterday’s story about the Government’s rejection of calls from Labor MP Fleur Anderson for cyclists to be made to use a bell…

It’s not a new argument either, the 10s have been peppered with occasional comments from MPs and Lords raising the issue, sometimes in other debates unrelated to road safety.

On Facebook, Carol Loughlin told us she finds using one a bit of a ‘lottery’ because “some pedestrians cross without a problem, but some seem to see it as a personal attack on their freedom to spread over the entire shared path”.

Martin Hawkins reports “once [being] told me if I rang again he’d stick it on my ass, lovely!”

Rog Davies also pointed out that ringing a bell can sometimes sound rude or titled… “The thing for me is ‘hello – just to let you know I’m here because I didn’t mean to startle you’ is infinitely friendlier Que ding, ding get out of my way!”

While, Andrew Drake agreed: “I can shout a warning and in a friendlier way.”

We have also received a few emails on the subject. One, probably sent from under a bridge somewhere, asked: “Read an article about bicycle bells, is it to let pedestrians using a level crossing know that the cyclist is about to drive through red lights and nearly hit them?”

Rod also got in touch to say: “This very conservative organisation, the Road Time Trials Council, then removed the requirement for time trials to wear a bell during a time trial. With most riders, I removed the bell from my TT bike and my training bike and they are still on the shelf in my workshop to this day. I have no intention of using them again! At 75 years old I still drives 200 miles a week on highway and turbo……no bell sighted.” No bell on the turbo? It’s probably a bit risky…

Wiley C. Thompson