Raven Moto Storm Gloves “Hands In” Review

Raven Moto Storm Gloves Review Summary

Summary of Comments

The Raven Moto Storm Gloves are mid-priced gloves. They look great and offer adequate protection with carbon fiber knuckles, TPR patches on the fingers and backs of the hands, and two HPPE palm sliders. They are well padded but breathable. However, the construction is not solid and the gloves fit poorly for my hands.


nice gloves

Excellent wrist protection

Generously padded

Soft and smooth inner lining

Premium cowhide leather


The inconvenients

Fingers are too long and bulky

Inseams create pressure points

Bad construction


Average, with drawbacks

About Raven Moto

A newcomer to the motorcycle industry is always welcome. Raven Moto is a brand new Canadian motorcycle gear and apparel company that started in 2021. Their products range from everyday riding gear such as motorcycle jeans and jackets to custom leather suits.

When I was offered to try some of their products, I was pleasantly surprised at the selections they offered. Most of their products are unisex or available in custom sizes. Some items are also available in several different colors to match your bike.

My commute is about 45 minutes, mostly on a freeway, and I want my commuter riding gear to be as protective as racing gear, but comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time. So I chose Storm Gloves, which seemed to fit the bill.

I wore these gloves almost daily for about four weeks, which equates to about 1200 miles, and here is my review.

Raven Moto Storm Glove Materials

Raven Moto Storm Carbon Fiber Knuckle

The main material used on these cuff gloves is cowhide leather. It is soft and supple and feels like premium leather. The impact protection parts are made with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and carbon fiber, just like the modern riding gloves typical of any consumer motorcycle gear company.

What’s unique is that when you peek into the opening between the TPR and the carbon fiber shell on the back of the hand, you can see the wire mesh underneath, probably installed for better ventilation. The fabric used for the inner lining is very smooth and soft. Two palm sliders are made of high performance polyethylene (HPPE) with a pearl surface. Overall, the materials used for the gloves appear to be of good quality.

Raven Moto Storm Glove Design

I like the sporty look of the gloves. The Storm gloves are two-tone black and white with a black (not blue) logo on a cuff. Their cousin, the Dark Storm gloves are all black with a blue or yellow logo.

The double-fastened gauntlet and wrist strap hold the gloves together very well, which is vital in an accident. The well-padded cuff is longer on the ulna side of the wrist and measures 3.6 inches (9 cm) from the wrist.

Raven Moto Storm Rear Finger View

The fingers of these gloves are pre-curved. It’s easy to bend the fingers with the concertina stretch and the overlapping (but not stitched together) pieces of leather on the back of the fingers. But the layered leather makes the fingers very bulky overall, almost like winter gloves. I can still flip the switches on the bike and open the vents on my helmet, but the tactile feedback isn’t great.

Raven Moto Storm armband clear view

In the photo from the Raven Moto site, the seams on the fingers are on the inside. But they are actually outside. This makes the gloves more comfortable, but I’ll talk about glove comfort later.

Raven Moto Storm Glove Know-How

My biggest complaint about these gloves is their craftsmanship, or lack thereof. There is visible glue residue on the carbon fiber shell and the TPR piece is not properly attached to the shell. The stitching is neither smooth nor precise.

Out of the box there are three places where the stitches were already broken; on the neck of the right index finger, the right little finger side of the palm, and the edge of the overlapping piece of leather above the left middle finger. It’s a big red flag.

The seams of all riding gloves must be strong and secure, otherwise they can burst in an accident. I hope Raven Moto will fix this problem.

Thumbs come in different shapes and lengths.

I also noticed that the accordion stretch leather on the thumbs is sewn at different angles on the left and right. The right side is perpendicular to the side panel. The left is sewn more at an angle. This created a slight distortion on the right thumb and made it half an inch longer than the left thumb. Such differences definitely give the gloves a cheap feel. The design is great, but the build leaves a lot more to be desired.

Raven Moto Storm Gloves Cost

The Storm gloves are $99.99 ($79.99 on sale) on the Raven Moto website. The price is comparable to mid-range gloves like the Alpinestars SP Air or Sedici Chicane gloves. I would say the Storm gloves are a good buy if the construction can be improved.

Raven Moto Storm Glove Size

Raven Moto Storm palm side view

My hand circumference is 7.5 inches and I usually wear small gloves. According to the Raven Moto size chart, my size is between Medium and Large. But I decided to play and ordered a small pair. The result of this bet was good.

The small fits perfectly in my hand but not tight. Great, but not so fast. I don’t think my fingers are particularly short, but the fingers of the Storm gloves are too long for me by ½ to 1 full inch, depending on the finger. I can still ride a bike with these gloves, but the dexterity is very limited.

My hand measurements for reference

  • My 7.5″ sleight of hand
  • My palm is 4″
  • My thumb is 2.1″
  • My index finger measures 2.7″
  • My middle finger is 3″
  • My ring finger is 2.65″
  • My little finger is 2.1″

Raven Motorcycle Gloves Size ChartRaven Moto Storm Comfort Glove

Raven Moto Storm Right Hand Brake Gloves

Although the leather is soft, it took a few weeks to break in. The first time I wore them I was anxious to take them off at destination as part of the inseam sat behind the left little finger creating a very painful pressure point. This pressure point didn’t completely go away even after a few weeks, but the gloves eventually became comfortable enough to wear.

They are generously padded and the interior is almost completely lined with a smooth fabric. Raven Moto describes the Storm gloves as three-season gloves (spring, summer and fall). The leather is not perforated except for a few perforations on the underside of the fingers, but they do not heat up.

They are surprisingly breathable, probably due to the metal mesh on the back of the hand. I wore them in 90°F weather without too much discomfort.

Raven Moto Storm Protective Glove

Raven Moto Storm Back of Hand View

Their safety clearance is still pending, and I didn’t fall or slip while wearing the gloves, so I can’t provide first-hand testimony. But the overall protection offered by the Storm gloves seems to be very good. Each hand features carbon fiber knuckle protection and TPR impact guards on the back of the hand and fingers.

The little finger also has an extra leather patch for extra abrasion protection. Both palm sliders are made of HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene) with a pearl surface.

View of the Raven Moto Storm palm sliders

The Raven Moto rep mentioned the use of fish skin for the palm sliders. You read that right, fish skin leather. Fish skin is actually stronger than cowhide of similar thickness and very durable. But it’s not visible, and I can’t confirm how it’s used.

The cuff has two large pads on the ulna side and one on the radius side. As a result, the wrist feels well protected. I have a small bony wrist so I appreciate the extra padding and extended cuff.

Final verdict on the Raven Storm gloves

Raven Moto Storm gloves on the tank

I wore these gloves every day for about a month and really wanted to like them. The protection seems adequate and the price of $99.99 isn’t too expensive. They are well padded while being breathable and comfortable to wear in hot weather.

However, the fit just wasn’t right for my hands. The palm was fine, but the fingers were too bulky and long and almost felt like wearing men’s gloves.

In addition, the construction of the gloves was not satisfactory. Despite the design, which I liked, it made them feel cheap. My complaints are about quality control, and I hope it will improve as the business grows.

They could have been the favorite gloves of this season for me if they fit well and are well made. However, I see a lot of potential for them to become great gloves and would like to try again next season if they fix the issues.


  • Maker: Raven Motorcycle
  • Price: $99.99
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Sizes: Men S – XXL/ Women XS – L
  • Colors: White
  • Safety designations: None
  • Revision date: July 2022

Important Links / Where to Buy

Direct from the manufacturer: Raven Motorcycle

Wiley C. Thompson