QC couple set up fund to benefit local cycling community

Deb and Dean Mathias’ endowment fund will help create and maintain bike paths in the Quad Cities area.

MOLINE, Ill. — Two lifelong Quad Cities residents have established an endowment fund to help create multi-use paved trails and bridge infrastructure in the area.

This endowment fund was created through the estate of Deb and Dean Mathias, two cyclists who are actively involved in the local cycling community.

The money will also help local governments and other volunteer groups maintain existing trails. The endowment was created through the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

The couple said they believe it was a lack of funding, not a lack of will, that was preventing these projects from happening. They hope public-private partnerships can help improve accessibility and safety for cyclists in the region.

The Mathias are thrilled that the new pedestrian bridge will open onto the new Interstate 74 bridge, providing even more connection to both sides of the Mississippi River. They said they believe the bridge itself will help make the Quad Cities a destination for more pedestrians and cyclists.

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The Mathias joined Good Morning Quad Cities at 11 a.m. on Thursday, January 27 to talk about the new endowment and its impact on the cycling community. You can watch the full conversation in the video above.

The Mathias wanted to remind cyclists that January and February are good times to tune the bikes, as the colder weather prevents regular riding.

The couple also said riders might need a little more patience as COVID-19 has caused shipping delays for parts and extended some repair times.

You can learn more about the couple’s endowment and involvement in the Quad Cities cycling community here.

Wiley C. Thompson