Privateer Develops Affordable Dirt Jump Bike

After sharing a sneak peek at Hunt’s proven carbon wheelsets with us, the guys from sister brand Privateer Bikes showed us their latest prototype; a Dirt Jump bike. This is a personal project of Sam Meegan, Privateer’s brand manager and product developer, who loves nothing more than midday spins on the local pump track. As has always been the case with Privateer, the goal is to produce a quality dirt jump bike that won’t break the bank; we’re told a full build will be priced under £1000, with a frameset around £300-£350.

dj corsair bike prototype

The Privateer Dirt Jump Bike has a 6061 alloy frame and, to be at least with it, it will come in one size only. It is not made by the same factory as the rest of the Privateer Bikes fleet, such as the 161 Enduro Bike and 141 Trail Bike.

velo corsaire dj rear 135 single speed

The bike you see in front of you is a prototype, so the final production bike will look a little different. The top tube will meet the head tube slightly higher, for aesthetic purposes more than anything. This will also allow better access to the brake hose guide under the top tube.

It will of course also have Gyro tabs, so riders can do bar tricks to their heart’s content.

dj capri bike graphics

More news to come when we have it.

Wiley C. Thompson