Pre-holiday driving checklist: everything you need to do

Millions of Britons will be jumping in their cars and hitting the road during the extended bank holidays and it’s easy to forget that your car needs to be checked every once in a while to avoid expensive bills or a breakdown.

Comparison site nerdwallet have put together some expert advice that won’t take a moment to read but could help avoid a fine or a long wait on the side of the road.

Check your tire pressure and tread (don’t forget the spare wheel)
Tire maintenance, for all tires, including spare tires, should be done regularly, but especially before a long trip. The tread of the tire should be above the legal limit – not less than 1.6 millimeters.
The best way to check tread is to invest in a tread depth gauge, but many garages offer free tire checks.

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Check your breakdown cover
Breakdown coverage is something many consider a luxury – until they break down.

The cost of a breakdown can reach hundreds of euros, especially if you are miles from home. It costs an average of £2 per mile to tow a vehicle, plus call out charges, which can quickly add up if you break down 100 miles from home.

Breakdown cover is often included with car insurance or with some bank accounts – just check to see if you have any.

Wiley C. Thompson