Police send body parts of murdered DMK man for DNA analysis

Police have sent the body parts of the DMK man who was murdered in Royapuram on May 10 for DNA analysis even as they continue the search for the victim’s severed head which is believed to have been dumped in the Adyar by the accused.

The victim, S. Chakrapani, 65, a local DMK official in Manali, disappeared on 10 May. Her son Nagendran filed a complaint with the police the next day. Mr Nagendran spotted his father’s bike near the house belonging to his father’s acquaintance, Thameem Banu, in Grace Garden, Royapuram.

The woman argued with him when he asked her about her father’s fate. Mr. Nagendran informed the police that there was a bad smell in the house. The police searched the house and found body parts and the victim’s shirt in the toilet of the house. However, the head was missing. Police arrested Thameem Banu, 39, his brother Washim Basha and his friend Dillibabu, 29, a rickshaw driver.

Police said the woman lived in Manali and had borrowed money from Chakrapani for interest. She alleged that Chakrapani harassed her even after she moved to Royapuram. On May 10, she invited Chakrapani to her home where she murdered him along with Basha and Dillibabu. They then cut his body into pieces and threw his head into Adyar from Thiru. Vi. Ka. bridge.

A senior officer said: “The accused said the head was dumped in the Adyar and a search was underway to find the severed head with the help of fire and rescue services and fishermen. ”

Wiley C. Thompson