Podcast: Ben Cathro and Aimi Kenyon on the unexpected challenges of the 2022 World Cup season

What does it take to go from 0 to 100, very quickly? How easily can you adapt to the high intensity and fast pace around you? Better yet, can you adapt and stand out as one of the best? It’s not an easy goal, but Pinkbike Racing took that idea and made it their mission. 2022 has seen the creation of Pinkbike Racing, a World Cup downhill team that aims to nurture up-and-coming young riders and give them a real chance to make it onto the scene, while being fully supported .Pinkbike Racing has undoubtedly been one of the most engaging and interesting things to happen on the gravity scene this year. The video series, directed by Harry Jenkinson and produced by Max Rendall and Glen Thomson, AKA Sleeper Co, has people completely hooked. Viewers resonate with the personalities they see on the team, and that invisible barrier between the mere mortal and the elite World Cup athlete is broken. People’s Champion Ben Cathro took the reins as team captain, and it was certainly no small task besides working with the film crew, working with Pinkbike, racing and taking time for the family. Aimi Kenyon, the team’s youngest rider, was given the spotlight, being the main focus of the first and (arguably) second installment. However, Aimi handled the transition from local Scottish racer to household name as well as a young rider could. Just before the Worlds, Ben and Aimi had time to sit down with Josh and explore the year so far. The struggles, unexpected challenges and incredible experiences of experiencing a first World Cup season in new ways and perspectives. This is No Ordinary Life, a podcast by DHaRCO. Enjoy!

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Podcast host Josh Muncke // Photography Matt Staggs

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