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Cycle News Team | November 30, 2021

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing star Marvin Musquin swept the Paris Supercross which took place at La Defense Arena and was crowned “King of Paris” for the third time.

The Paris Supercross returned with a one night affair with three main events. Photo: Stéphane Legrande

The Paris Supercross returned during the offseason, and a host of heavy hitters made the trip to compete in France for the Paris Supercross crown. After six main events, with formats of three motorcycles for the SX1 and SX2 classes, it was Marvin Musquin and Kyle Peters who won the respective crowns of the king and the prince of Paris.

Parisian promoters went all out this year as the race was dominated by fan favorites including Chad Reed, Antonio Cairoli and Romain Febvre. A handful of other American notables have lined up as well, including foreign veteran Justin Brayton, Justin Bogle, Alex Martin, Josh Hill and Ryan Sipes. The SX2 class included new MX2 world champion Maxime Renaux, as well as AMA Arenacross champion Kyle Peters and AMA privateer Kevin Moranz.

Marvin Musquin and Cédric Soubeyras at Paris SX 2021
Marvin Musquin and his French compatriot Cédric Soubeyras celebrate their 1-2 in the general classification in front of a happy crowd. Photo: Stéphane Legrande

This year’s course featured a quick layout and interestingly didn’t include a whoop section. The race was close, which delighted the sold-out public inside Paris la Défense Arena.

Musquin held a clinic in front of his home fans, leading every round in all three main events. Musquin went undefeated on the evening with 1-1-1 wins in the main event.

“King of Paris 2021; that was obviously the goal, ”said Musquin,“ and I came here well prepared as we get closer to the new Supercross season in January. This event is always a good training for me, although it was different this year because the track did not have whoops. It was still fun and the ground was rough, it was still difficult. I wanted to make holes, be in front and keep pushing until the end.

“I am happy,” he added. “It was a one-day format this time, but I liked it and I did 1-2 with my friend Cédric Soubeyras: two Frenchies! It was pretty amazing.

The other French veteran, Cédric Souberas, held on and finished 3-2-2 for second place overall. Parisian supporters have expressed their approval for the French 1-2.

Justin Brayton at Paris SX 2021
Justin Brayton was the best American in third place overall.

There was another popular French rider at the start line, but unfortunately Romain Febvre suffered a horrible outing in the second race. The Kawasaki rider ejected from his motorcycle during the triple jump and broke his leg.

Brayton, aboard the Honda Smartop / Bullfrog Spas / Motoconcepts, completed the SX1 podium with a 2-3-4 record on the night. He was third in race three, but an aggressive pass of the block on the last lap by Cairoli knocked the American down.

Musquin, Febvre, Brayton, Reed and Cairoli at Paris SX 2021
Musquin (25), Romain Febvre (3), Brayton (10), Chad Reed (22) and Antonio Cairoli (22) fight for the holeshot. Photo credit: P. Haudiquert

Cairoli barely clinched the final podium in race three, but finished seventh on the night. “It was a great event,” Cairoli said. “I was not really well prepared for the supercross with the MXGP which finished so late and I didn’t have the best pace in the first sessions, but I found more fluidity in the main events and I reached the top three at the end. It was a great way to end the season with this experience.

Bogle, who made his racing debut on the Suzuki Twisted Tea / HEP Motorsports, and Reed, riding a KTM backed by Mountain Motorsports, both completed regular races to claim fourth and fifth overall.

Antonio Cairoli at Paris SX 2021
Cairoli finished his racing season at the Paris Supercross and Reed has made his comeback, if only for one night. Photo credit: P. Haudiquert

The SX2 division belonged only to Kyle Peters (FR25 Honda) who also wiped out the three main events. The Honda rider’s 1-1-1 scores earned him the title of Prince of Paris, ahead of Renaux’s 5-2-2 and Moranz’s 2-5-3. CN

Kyle Peters at Paris SX 2021
Kyle Peters won all three 250cc main events. Photo: Stéphane Legrande

General results of the Paris Supercross 2021

  1. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 1-1-1
  2. Cédric Soubeyras (Hus) 3-2-2
  3. Justin Brayton (Hon) 2-3-4
  4. Justin Bogle (Suz) 4-4-5
  5. Chad Reed (KTM) 6-5-7
  6. Maxime Desprey (yam) 9-7-9
  7. Antonio Cairoli (KTM) 17-6-3
  8. Thomas Ramette (yam) 12-11-6
  9. Grégory Aranda (KTM) 7-8-15
  10. Dylan Wright (Hon) 8-15-8

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Wiley C. Thompson