Orono Woman starts cycling across the United States

BAR HARBOUR, Maine (WABI) – When we last spoke to Michelle Toder, she had made the decision to cycle across the United States.

And now she’s on her way to the trip of a lifetime.

Before taking off for Oregon, her trip began at Agamont Park in Bar Harbor with a bon voyage party hosted by her friends and family.

This level of support is something she says she could never have imagined.

“Yeah, that’s crazy. I never imagined a day when I would take time off from work and have honest colleagues, unless they were pretending, who seemed so excited for my big adventure. And follow me. Social media is really awesome that way and I have an Instagram and they want to follow and be part of it. They are really excited about the trip,” exclaimed Toder.

It’s not a race. It is a journey of exploration.

“You know, stopping at little restaurants or finding people in a downtown area and saying, tell me what’s cool about your town because I want to see it. So I expect to have a lot of downtime to kind of experience parts of America that I haven’t seen,” Toder said.

Toder touched the rear tire of his bike in the freezing Atlantic Ocean on a cold April day.

If all goes well, she will find her way to the Pacific Ocean in August.

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Wiley C. Thompson