Now Done: Ask Us Anything – Atherton Bikes on Launching Direct-to-Consumer Sales

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The Athertons first announced Atherton Bikes in January 2019, and now, after just over three years of product testing and development, the brand has launched direct-to-consumer sales. They currently offer two models, a World Cup winning downhill bike with 200mm of travel and a refined new version of the 29” Enduro bike, 150mm. Further product releases are planned for the spring.

We wanted to know more about the team behind Atherton Bikes and their additive manufacturing process (3D titanium printing) in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for you to ask Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Dan Brown, Rob Gow and Will May-White your questions.

Dan Atherton – Director
Dan is a World Cup winner, trail building genius and mountain bike visionary renowned for events such as Red Bull Hardline and pushing the boundaries of the sport. He built his first bike when he was 10 and is the creative whirlwind behind Dyfi Bike Park.

Gee Atherton – Director
A two-time world champion and two-time overall World Cup champion, Gee has multiple World Cup victories and more than 50 podiums to his name. He is renowned for his tenacity and spectacular outings at events such as Red Bull Rampage where he won a silver medal and his impressive big mountain projects.

Rachel Atherton – Co-Founder
Six times world champion and 39 times world champion, Rachel is an icon of the sport. A serious injury and an upgrade on his bike after the birth of his daughter Arna gives Rach a unique perspective on the role of confidence and how Atherton bikes can help you grow as a rider.

Dan Brown – President and CEO
Dan Brown has worked with the Atherton family for over 15 years, building the Atherton Racing brand through groundbreaking media projects such as the Atherton Project and helping three young athletes become masters of their own destinies as well as directors of an impressive portfolio of companies. .

Rob Gow – Lead Designer
Rob is an obsessive problem solver, a downhill enthusiast for over 20 years, a father of three and a committed environmentalist. Rob honed his skills at design-driven companies such as Dyson and Omlet and has been a key part of our start-up from the start.

Will May-White – Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Will has been grinding bikes since he was 12 years old, he has over ten years of experience in additive manufacturing and CNC machining. Will joins us from Rolls Royce Aerospace after his thesis on “Can advanced design and manufacturing replace traditional methods in mountain biking” caught our attention… ​

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