Nathan Haas (and his new Colnago G-3X) against the Gravel Worlds

At the end of 2021, Nathan Haas left behind the WorldTour and professional road cycling. After a decade of racing around the world at the most important road events on the calendar, Haas decided to trade the pro-life pressure cooker for the “gravel vibes”. So Haas became a lone shooter, a privateer in the gravel world.

This year Haas not only raced many of the major gravel races on a rapidly expanding schedule, but came into the gravel world with a unique plan. If you looked even briefly in the direction of the gravel, you’d be hard-pressed not to have encountered the collaborative work Haas has done with its sponsors, Colnago and Castelli, this year. As a result, he raced five separate bikes and kits throughout the season, a project that couldn’t have happened in his previous life as a World Tour Pro. It was a colorful story to follow.

I managed to take a look at the bike he would be using for Gravel Worlds 2022. And while hanging around I decided to take the opportunity to pick the mastermind of the Girona-based Australian over his reflections on the race sanctioned by the UCI.

Also, if that’s not enough for you and you’re looking for advice from a guy who’s been there and made it to the gravel world this year, then please hit that play button; you will get some haasy wisdom and the best advice. Enjoy.

Wiley C. Thompson