Musguard Updates Removable, Rollable Bike Mudguards With Increased Compatibility

Slovenian bicycle accessories company Musguard has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the latest version of its roll-up fenders which were first released in 2013. The original surpassed the target of $ 10,000 with 44,633 $ promised and now Musguard is releasing the mudguards with increased compatibility as well as a new environmentally focused approach with used recycled materials.

Bike mudguards protect your bike and the rear in wet conditions, but not all outings are so dark. Musguard’s offering is for those who don’t want a fender on the bike all the time. You can get clip-on fenders such as the Veloflexx fenders from SKS and the Roadracer MK3 from Crud, but the USP of Musguard’s offering is its ability to roll and compress for convenient storage when in use. it is not used.

2022 Musguard OMNI 2

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“The mudguards roll up very small, which makes them perfect for packaging or storage,” the brand explains. “They can even be rolled onto the frame of the bike itself. “

The rear Musguard OMNI now fits a much wider range of bikes, with the brand claiming that it is indeed compatible with all bikes thanks to the new silicone hook and loop straps.

2022 Musguard OMNI 3

There is also now a wider option to fit larger tires, providing better protection for off-road riding.

2022 Musguard OMNI rear

The original version primarily targeted the urban fixed-gear community. It had to be squeezed between the shrouds and supported by a brake bridge to provide stability, but the new OMNI doesn’t.

“A new folding and mounting system that we took a year to develop makes a very thin (0.8mm) sheet of material on its own,” says Musguard. “It can even be securely attached to a seat post. “

OMNI mudguards are manufactured locally in Slovenia in accordance with EU environmental standards and are now made from a recycled version of polypropylene.

“It was a difficult task to accomplish,” admits Musguard.

“Minimum recycled material orders are large and expensive, but we have succeeded. ”

How effective are the mudguards? Well, thanks to the slim fit, Musguard promises “that they will drastically remove or reduce the amount of dirt that splashes on you while riding.”

2022 Musguard OMNI before after

Before after

“The low position and close to the tire is key – the sooner you catch the spray, the less dirty you get. “

No tools are required to install these mud flaps. “Application is quick and easy with the durable silicone-coated hook-and-loop straps that grip the bike like there’s no tomorrow,” says Musguard.

2022 Musguard OMNI Straps

The brand claims that the mudguards weigh just 90 grams overall.

You can support the Kickstarter campaign here.

All the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply and can be found here.

Wiley C. Thompson