Municipality of eThekwini receives funding to promote cycling in communities

Through Thami Magubane October 13, 2021

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DURBAN – The Municipality of eThekwini has received more than R 1 million in grants to promote cycling in areas around the city.

At a recent executive committee meeting, the city revealed that it had received around 1.4 million Rand in funding for the purchase of cycling-related equipment.

A report on the matter indicated that funding had been secured for the Go Durban Cycling Academy and the mobility program.

He said: “The purpose of the submission is to ask the Executive Committee to note the additional funding of R 1.4 million obtained from a German development bank by the Ministry of Forests, Fisheries and Environment. “

He said this was the purchase of some assets including bicycles, spare parts, bicycle storage containers and assets relevant for activating the promotion of active mobility for the program. Go Durban Academy.

He said the Go Durban Cycle program lays the foundation for learning to cycle by providing the necessary access and infrastructure for this purpose. In addition to cycling skills, the program will also promote the culture of cycling in communities as a more affordable and healthier option than motor vehicle transportation.

The report said it was important for the academy, which already has bike parks in several communities around Durban, to have a constant supply of bikes with which to perform training.

“Any cycling program is of no value if beneficiaries do not have access to bicycles, the Go Durban cycling academies currently operate for 3,800 cycling hours per month. Thanks to the current funding interventions of the (German) bank, there will be an expected increase by increasing the number of beneficiaries from 450 to 750 ”, he said.

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