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Making a Wheelie – Danny MacAskill: In the summer of 2021, Danny MacAskill issued a call to action to his 3.5 million social media fans asking them to #WheelieWithDanny. Riders and fans from all over the world applied to star alongside Danny in his latest Five Ten and Cut Media project. Join Danny MacAskill and a host of friends as he pushes the boundaries of the humble wheelie and learns a thing or two from friends old and new. Mountain biking has become more and more popular day by day and participation is currently at an all time high for this amazing sport. However, you don’t need a mountain or a bike park to get out and enjoy your bike. The wheelie is, for many, the first thing they will learn on a bike, but it can open the doors to a whole new world. Joining forces, adidas Five Ten and Danny MacAskill want to share their passion for cycling. In this latest collab, they show how the humble wheelie has united cyclists around the world in their love of bikes. Once again,
From ten thousand: No matter how you get there, greatness takes time. In racing, greatness is achieved by its absence. Each competitor has the same off-season time to hone their racing craft – turn after turn, lap after lap, until action becomes speed and speed becomes reality. When the pressure of a clock, where split seconds determine your fate, and the adrenaline found only between the tape fades, what’s left? In Warren Kniss’ case, it’s a love of two wheels. “It’s almost impossible to distract myself from running and biking so how can I call it work when I’m doing it because I love it. The feeling of being fully in the zone and going that hard as possible is impossible to recreate by any other modality. In everything I do, the idea of ​​going fast on my bike is in my mind as the top priority. There is no accidental expert. When the motivations falter, and they will, your “why” is the only thing that will keep you going. “I really love riding a bike, it literally means everything to me.” What does 10,000 hours mean to you? Wiley Kaupas.
Brage Vestavik – NÅ! After a long Norwegian winter of hibernation, Brage Vestavik is back and stacking clips with Blur Media.
Jordie Lunn Bike Park – Vancouver Island’s Newest Bike Park: The addition of the Langford Gravity Zone and Nature Trails introduces a unique network of hiking and biking trails like nothing else on Vancouver Island. The Gravity Zone offers a variety of trails with ranges of difficulty. Cyclists and hikers will enjoy the lookouts and winding paths under huge canopies of trees. Each trail has been named by the trail building team who have worked tirelessly over the past few months to create something special and unique for Langford residents.
Casey Brown – Honk If You Freeride Ep. 1: A short film documenting a fun trip from Canada to Utah! Riders: Casey Brown, Robin Goomes, Haznationbikes, Martha Gill, Lucy Van Eesteran, Cami Nogueira and Brett Rheeder.
The perfect workout for Red Bull training: We follow Casey Brown, Harriet Burbidge-Smith, Robin Goomes and Cami Nogueira as they prepare for another year of progression at Red Bull Formation 2022. Kicking off at Brett Rheeder’s Canadian compound, the girls expand their bag of stuff before heading to the iconic freeride mountain biking lines of Farwell Canyon in British Columbia. With dusty lines on display in the works and a collection of new tricks in mind, we’re sure to see a huge progression from this crew in the third edition of Red Bull Formation. Red Bull Formation is a one-of-a-kind invitational progression session that aims to pave the way for women in freeride mountain biking. The event returns for its third year to Virgin, Utah, one of the most iconic landscapes in the freeride mountain biking movement.
Phoenix – Emil Johansson: A behind-the-scenes look at Crankworx Rotorua, the final event of the 2021 season. We faced some of the toughest conditions I’ve encountered before a contest. Everyone spent two weeks in quarantine due to travel restrictions and the weather conditions gave us minimal training, a lot was at stake with no room for error. I had the potential to win the overall world championship as well as the triple crown title. Since 2017, I have been chasing the title of world champion again… In 2018, I missed most of the season due to illness and back pain. In 2019, I took the tour again but a fall before the first stage of the season prevented me from catching up on the points in the other events and I finished 4th overall. In 2020, the overall title was vacated due to a pandemic. Video: Hunt Cinema.
Wyn Masters – The hardest working man in mountain biking: Racer, content creator, privateer patron, wheeling guru; Wyn Masters is one of the hardest working cyclists in mountain biking. Between races for a full season of DH and enduro, Wyn entertains and informs us with his WynTV series, a staple of race media coverage. On top of that, every Wednesday he pushes the boundaries of what can be done on a wheelie with his #WheelieWednesday content. If all that wasn’t enough, Wyn also makes sure to give back to the next generation of riders with his Privateer of the Week award, where he gives a standout rider who isn’t on a factory team, a cash donation so they can continue to pursue his dream of being a professional pilot. His passion for two wheels runs deep, and no matter what new venture he takes on, you always know Wyn will make it fun and exciting! Dive into the world of Wyn closer!
Revs Project Evolve Women’s Day: I headed over to Revs for the Project Evolve Women day led by Becci Skelton, Vero Sandler and Sian Dillon. The line had just been reopened a few days earlier. Vero had already ripped the whole line and Natasha Bradley had tackled the big scorers. Vero shared all of his tips with us before Tash and I conquered the line together. As you can see we had a great time helping each other out and riding together on what must be one of the UK’s greatest public jump lines. This kicker is a dream, I can’t wait to go back and ride it again! Thanks to Emily Horridge, Beth Bishop and Piper for the additional footage and a big shout out to the girls for putting on an amazing day, it was amazing to see so many women shredding, things have changed so much in such a short time, it’s is great to see.
Revy Bike Park: Last season in the bike park. Filmed on Hi8 tape.
Over There – Kevin “Spanky” Long: Between skating, art and fatherhood, Spanky has enough on his plate for three, but he handles his commitments with grace and gratitude. See how he prepared for his stellar role in Horses and find out what drives him.
Converse “Veredas” from CONS Felipe Oliveira and Kaue Cossa do their homeland proud, reminding us why Brazil is such a skate mecca, while Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Manderson and more from Cons join the party.
Cold Call – Ben Raybourn: Raybourn disappeared from the limelight, returning home to Houston to rekindle his love for skating and get his life back on track. Gregson accompanies the Southside session and other local haunts. Welcome back, Ben.
Spanish : “Let’s go to Spain in April, the weather will be nice!” Unfortunately, Spain had other ideas for our DIG X Subrosa X Shadow trip, but that didn’t stop the crew from pulling off some amazing clips (and not-so-amazing injuries). Jiri Blabol, Simone Barraco, Miguel Smajli, Mo Nussbaumer and TM Ryan Sher were joined by young Spanish talent and recent addition to the squad Saúl Vilar for a week in Madrid. It wasn’t just bad weather that we had to battle – throughout the week spots in the capital ate and spat out Simone, Jiri and Ryan. Shout out to Ryan who ended up breaking his elbow on a wild wallride swerve – hopefully he’ll be back in action soon. It wasn’t easy, but the crew made it through. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
team: SQUAD stars Justin Spriet, Hilario Olivos, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes. Four friends and grinders based in our Southern California backyard. From casual sessions to dedicated missions, these guys put in the time. Enjoy!
Cultcrew – Barcelona 2016: A look back at the raw footage from our 2016 trip to BCN!
Liam Mullany reel: A collection of film work (sometimes coupled with directing) from a handful of selected projects over the past. The constant pursuit of light and dark.
Water III: A short film about my affinity for the ocean, its mystery and its power. No project challenges me more creatively and physically; making these films is the absolute honor of a lifetime.
Who is a runner – Erin McGrady: It takes the first 5-6 miles for the “bird’s nest” in Erin McGrady’s head to unravel. And then, putting one foot in front of the other, the photographer and writer works to create and celebrate safe spaces for others in the queer community. Together with his wife Caroline Whatley, despite all they face as queer women in the South, they turn their attention to the joy they derive from traveling and building community.
The duality of sport: “I don’t care about success at these Olympics.” Olympic Fencer Race Imboden provides a rare honest insight into an athlete’s dual mindset before and after his historic medal at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. As we watched athletes speak out about mental health at the Tokyo Games, Race and filmmaker Jeff Alper began documenting what seemed like a breaking point months before competition began.

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