Monsoon Checklist of Car Tools and Accessories You Need

With the onset of monsoon, you need to equip your car with various tools and accessories to ensure you have a pleasant drive every time. Get your car ready with this list of essential monsoon tools and accessories!

With the rainy season approaching, are you sure your vehicle is ready for heavy rain and muddy roads? Unlike in the summer season, car owners need to be more proactive in upgrading their cars during rainy weather. Mud, dirt and rain can damage your car’s interior and exterior. Imagine this – you recently bought a car, and every day it rains, you become scared that your family will walk in with muddy shoes or that the outside of your car will be covered in mud. Not an ideal situation, is it? If you want your car to avoid those rainy day problems, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll through our compilation of tools and accessories that will make your car ready for the monsoon!

Fragrances or air fresheners:

Air fresheners are a no-brainer, as the rainy season brings an unpleasant atmosphere to closed spaces. Using an air freshener for your car becomes more important as you may not be able to open the windows during the rain. Air fresheners will prevent foul odors and keep the interior fresh.


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Pedal covers:

Car owners generally downplay the importance of having pedal covers for their cars. This accessory is essential to alleviate your vehicle’s monsoon problems. We’ve all been there where your foot keeps slipping off the pedals from wet shoes. The pedal covers ensure maximum grip even if you drive with a pair of wet shoes. You’ll also find incredibly durable pedal covers, minimizing wear.


One of the annoying things about downpours and bouts of bad weather is how dirty they make your car. Water and mud thrown against the exterior of your vehicle when the tires go through puddles are difficult to clean and quite harsh on the exterior. Mud flaps are one of the accessories that will make it easier to maintain your car during the rainy season.


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Window visors:

Fog formation – doesn’t this problem affect all motorists during the rainy season? Thanks to window visors, you can overcome this problem without any problems. Visors will prevent rain from entering the cabin. You can enjoy the monsoon breeze without worrying about rainwater messing up the cabin with this accessory.

Tool kits:

It’s no secret that the rainy season is an invitation to car breakdowns. As a car owner, you need to equip your car with tools and emergency kits. Some of the essential tools are wrenches, screwdrivers, spares, etc. Storing these tools on board can save you from a dire situation where you are stuck without professional help.


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Now that the monsoon is knocking at our doors, don’t wait any longer and equip your car with these accessories. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable time driving during the rainy season!

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Wiley C. Thompson