Miami-Dade Girls Receive New Custom Bikes For Valentine’s Day


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida – Typical Valentine’s Day gifts are flowers and candy. However, a South Florida philanthropist decided to take a different path. He gave a group of deserving girls brand new bikes.

His name is Steven Gurowitz, founder of design company Interiors by Steven G. Last December, Local 10 introduced Gurowitz to the Embrace Girls Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers education programs focused on girls. in Miami-Dade County schools.

The organization’s founder and CEO, Velma Lawrence, hosted a special Christmas party for two dozen girls who had achieved academic excellence. Gurowitz was the guest of honor who bought the young girls and their siblings all the items on their Christmas wish lists. He saved the best for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Last Saturday, Gurowitz and his team arrived at Women’s Park in southwest Miami-Dade with 16 new and custom bikes. It was a surprise to the girls who thought they were there for a family picnic for Valentine’s Day.

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With tears in his eyes after receiving his sky blue bike, Paris Nettles said: “I feel good. I’ve been waiting for a bike for a long time. I haven’t had a bike since I was about 10 years old.

“I am very grateful to him,” said 10-year-old Luna Tovar. “If I had enough to give him, I would give him everything.”

Gurowitz has made a name for himself creating beautiful spaces, but even he couldn’t have designed a better day. Happy hearts abounded, as well as the unmistakable gift of love given and love received.

“It’s just wonderful to see these kids light up,” said Gurowitz. “Worth all the money in the world.”

Gurowitz has participated in many acts of kindness over the years. In partnership with Local 10, he helped hurricane victims, raised funds for nonprofits and renovated homes for disabled and financially struggling families.

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