Marshal Weltin lends a practice bike to Josh Osby at Indy Supercross

Crazy. What is the transport situation? Do you drive to races? Marsh, you can take this one.
Weltin: Yeah, we went to Indy together in my van. Josh took the majority of the ride and ordered pizza for us. I plan on driving all the way to the rest…except maybe Utah, I’ll try to throw my bike on a platform. But unfortunately my budget for two riders ran out after Indy. I can’t last all season. I was just hoping to relaunch the JO56 program.

It’s all good. So how was the weekend? We’ll get to the results in a second. First of all, what was it like getting together and all that? Was it a help to have you working together or was it a lot of moving parts?
Osby: I think it worked really well. Even though it’s on his own, Marshal runs a great program. We pretty much just made a game plan each day of how we wanted to attack it and what work needed to be done on the bikes. Obviously things always happen and change the plan a bit, but for the most part it was smooth sailing from the time we took off heading to Indy.

How was a normal race for you, Marsh?
Weltin: I had so much fun. I encouraged Josh in qualifying, sincerely hoping that he was faster than me! There was no competitive environment…just trying to keep each other in a good frame of mind and having fun all day. Our bikes held up well. And we had two good friends as mechanics, so the vibes were good all day.

Yeah, I was going to ask about the mechanics! Who did you have?
Osby: Marshal had a friend from Michigan, and I had my brother-in-law.

Is the mechanical stuff basically dudes volunteering to help?
Weltin: Yeah, I got help from a few different guys. All good friends and guys I grew up with in Michigan. The support has honestly been unreal. I can’t be more grateful. It’s humiliating.

Alright, Phil too [Nicoletti] threaten to kill one or both or yourself? Watch out Osby! This LCQ was tight.
Osby: Nothing from Phil! Well, he said I f$#&ed him in the second corner of the LCQ, but that was it.
Weltin: My goal was to beat Phil once this year. Glad I could tick that box!

How does it feel to do the principal?
Osby: It was just a big relief, honestly. I laugh when I see things like “Osby made his first main course of the season”, because I shouldn’t even be wondering if I’m going to make the main course! I think there will be a time down the road where I can explain why I struggled, but for now, I’m just grateful that I was able to pull through under different circumstances.
Weltin: It’s funny how people forget he was SIXTH in the championship last year. Josh is a great driver and I’m glad we were able to work together to get back on track.

Wiley C. Thompson