Mahle’s custom apps aim to make e-bikes even smarter than they are

A major player in the international automotive market, the German developer and supplier Mahle is focusing its activities on the future of mobility. Among other things, it also describes itself as a holistic systems provider for smart e-bikes, and its new applications are aimed at making electric two-wheelers even smarter than they already are.

Mahle boasts of offering a platform for compact drive units, whether for mountain bikes, urban, racing or gravel bikes. The complete system offered by the manufacturer includes custom engine control, bicycle components for connectivity, optimized battery concept, and more. All components offered by Mahle are lightweight and can be easily integrated to better serve the slim design and identity of the bike.

The manufacturer is now announcing three mobile applications designed to meet the specific needs of all groups of bicycle users: bikers, manufacturers and dealers. All apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Those developed for bikers and dealers (MySmartBike and SmartBike Lab) can be downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store. Manufacturers can obtain their application (Production) from their sales contact. All three apps can also be used with desktop computers, with the web dashboard including more advanced features. All three apps are now available for download.

Developed to improve the interaction between rider and bicycle, the MySmartBike app provides real-time vehicle data, such as charge status monitoring, etc. It can record the rider’s training routes and cycles and help improve them by analyzing parameters like measured times, heart rate, etc. The power of the motor of the bike can also be regulated according to the heart rate of the rider.

Then there is the SmartBike Lab which helps dealers optimize their after-sales services by offering customer-oriented diagnostics.

The Production app is the other app announced by Mahle and it is dedicated to e-bike manufacturers. This helps them follow the e-bike’s journey from shipment to the dealership, and then to the end user.

Wiley C. Thompson