Magura Bosch Parts and Services joint venture becomes MBPS

In a press release published this week, the Bosch eBike Systems and Magura joint venture presented a new corporate design and online presence, as well as a clearly defined framework of values.

The press release explains:

Since January 1, 2020, the Magura Bosch Parts and Services joint venture has been running its bicycle spare business in Bad Urach, servicing and supplying spare parts for high-end components from both manufacturers Bosch eBike Systems and Magura.

The two companies have a long history of cooperation and partnership, dating back to Bosch eBike Systems entering the market with its first e-bike drive system in 2011. That was the year Magura Bike Parts, so an aftermarket organization, has taken over servicing and handling spare parts for Bosch eBike components.

With the establishment of the joint venture, the two parent companies have intensified their cooperation and business expansion at four locations in Europe. The close association with the specialized two-wheeler trade has long been the main objective of MBPS, and it remains one of the success factors cited for the past and future growth of the company. In recent years, the sales portfolio has been supplemented by other high-quality and well-known brands such as Supernova, Miranda, Miche, Abus, Bosch Powertools and Liqui Moly. Since 2018, MBPS has also been serving the specialist motorcycle trade for Magura Powersports components.

After two years of successful joint venture history, 2022 will now see the next big step. The joint venture will now position itself on the market as an independent company. A visible sign of this independent positioning is the newly developed corporate design with its new corporate logo. The two stylized semi-circles of the logo reflect the bond between the two parent companies, but the distinctive design also projects a clear message of independence.

From now on, the new corporate design will be the style element in communication with customers, partners and new employees.

“With the new corporate brand ‘MBPS’, we are documenting the development that the company has experienced in recent years,” says Martina Class, CEO of the MBPS Board of Directors. She adds: “About 10 years ago, we were 20 employees and we dealt exclusively with the management of service and spare parts for MAGURA. Today, around 170 employees in Bad Urach and the other European locations work every day to consistently guarantee the service promise of MAGURA and Bosch eBike Systems. The fact that the company has grown in this way is an honor for all our employees and an expression of the appreciation of our customers.

The background for the development of the clearly separate brand image regarding the two parent companies was primarily the creation of the independent corporate brand MBPS. “Magura and Bosch will continue to communicate in their corporate colors,” said Jochen Hoppe, Managing Director of MBPS. “Going forward, the new design will clearly indicate who sent each message. For example, when MBPS is looking for new employees, it will be easier to highlight that MBPS is an attractive employer and an independent company in the two-wheeler industry.

Along with the creation of the new company design and logo, the company will also present its own corporate website for the first time. In the future, interested persons will find current and interesting information about MBPS and its services on

The Magura B2B store will remain available at the familiar address, but it will primarily be advertised and made accessible as an MBPS store on

“A well-known quality with a new face – that’s a good way to describe change,” says Timo Kieninger, marketing and sales manager at MBPS. “Everything will remain basically the same for our customers and partners. The usual contact persons, in particular for Magura and Bosch products, will also remain the same – only the new company domain will lead to a change in the usual email address suffixes – they will now become ‘’,” Kieninger adds.

The company also developed its own set of defined values ​​as well as its new external positioning.

Kieninger explains: “Independent on the market, but at the same time closely linked to parent companies Magura and Bosch eBike Systems. And the values ​​of both companies will continue to be the foundation of our success. However, over the past two years, we have learned that a spirit of our own has also developed in our joint venture. We have now defined this in three values ​​that can be clearly communicated to all employees: ‘Partner of Choice’, ‘Smart Flexibility’ and ‘Leading the Way’. In short, this means that as MBPS, we will continue to establish and build reliable relationships with our partners, with the ultimate goal of strengthening them at all times through intelligent processes and sustainable solutions. We also embrace the accelerated transformation of two-wheeled mobility – and see it as an opportunity to shape the future together with our partners.

The background to this joint venture is a July 2019 transaction that saw Bosch eBike Systems take a 50% stake in Magura Bike Parts with the aim of improving cooperation in the service and distribution of bicycle and e-bike spare parts. , while strengthening the range of services to European Markets

Wiley C. Thompson