Linear Labs Begins Production of Electric Motors at New Advanced Manufacturing Facility; Raise $17 million in Series A

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smarter energy company Linear Labs has launched production of its new high-torque, ultra-high-efficiency electric motor and intelligent drive system, called HET Light, aimed at meeting the growing demand for the light electric vehicle (LEV) industry. The LEV market is one of the fastest growing electrification markets and is expected to reach 125 million units worldwide by 2025. The LEV industry includes smaller mobility vehicles like neighborhood electric vehicles, small utility vehicles, golf carts, material handling vehicles, recreational vehicles, light vehicles electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and mopeds.

The production launch includes two models – the market-leading HET Light 30 and HET Light 45 series. The patented electrification system outperforms all LEV motors with twice the torque and higher efficiency. The 45 series motor system produces a maximum torque of 250 Nm and a maximum efficiency of 94% and weighs 9.7 kg. The 30-series motor system produces a maximum torque of 150 Nm and a maximum efficiency of 94% and weighs 6.9 kg. The higher torque and efficiency of the HET Light series increases vehicle performance, extends range, reduces vehicle weight, provides significant space savings and eliminates downshifting.

“American-built engines have become a national strategic imperative. We are bringing high-torque, high-efficiency motor manufacturing back to the United States,” said Brad Hunstable, Founder and CEO of Linear Labs. “As we enter the next wave of electrification, Linear Labs is making a global impact through smarter energy systems, starting with the HET Light Engine System.”

Linear Labs’ patented High Efficiency Torque (HET) motor and Intelligent Control Drive produce up to twice the torque of competitive motors – or the same torque in half the size – and can be manufactured using rare earth or ferrite magnets. The design is based on a revolutionary design and an AI (artificial intelligence) driving software control system creating the most powerful AI engine system on the market.

Recognizing the potential global impact and strategic national security imperative of electrification manufacturing in the United States, the City of Fort Worth and Linear Labs in 2021 finalized a $68.9 million economic incentive package to further solidify the city as the next center of technological innovation. Linear Labs projects thousands of new skilled jobs over the next 10 years at its research and production facility that manufactures electronic drive systems for electric vehicles and industrial applications.

“Fort Worth has become a growing technology hub that is ripe to bring some of the best and brightest tech and smart energy talent to the city,” said Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker. “We are open for business and welcome the opportunity to support Linear Labs and similar companies that take us to the next generation of smart energy technologies.”

Linear Labs recently closed its $17 million Series A funding to further support manufacturing capabilities that include extensive manufacturing expertise, supply chain infrastructure and logistics, advanced automation and robotics engineering and adding additional engineering talent to his team. The round was led by THRC Investments and Folsom Point Equity, with existing investors Lowercarbon Capital, Kindred Ventures, Saltwater Capital, Champion Hill Ventures, OzoneX Ventures and Capital Factory.

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About Linear Labs, Inc.

Linear Labs, a US-based smarter energy company with the highest electric motor system available, is redefining mobility and industrial applications, ushering in a new era of smarter energy use. Linear Labs motors are engineered to deliver ultra-high efficiency with patented breakthroughs to double the torque of competitive motors, increase range, and dramatically reduce power consumption.

The company’s smart electric motors are connected to the IoT with machine learning intelligence software and feature the world’s first electric drivetrain capable of adapting to changing conditions in real time, increasing efficiency because the motor parameters are customized according to the needs of the application and the use.

Wiley C. Thompson