Limited edition brake pads with gold springs? Sinter Elite pads cost more than some complete brakes!

Sinter claims to focus on stopping power and brake pad manufacturing for 50 yearsspecializing in brake pads for racing karts and high performance motorcycles, such as the Aprilia and KTM Duke.

They also claim to use that 50 years of brake pad experience to make what they believe to be the highest performing brake pads ever for road, gravel and XC bikes.

Presentation of the elite by Sinter.

Stack of Sinter Elite brake pads

24 karat springs and retaining pin…gold helps stop corrosion?

The Deets

Elite brake pads use titanium backing plates which Sinter says have superior thermal management because they have lower thermal conductivity than steel. They say this results in the brake fluid operating in a more consistent temperature range. Sinter claims that this “more consistent temperature” means they are able to deliver exceptional modulation and long pad life. Sinter says that wWhen the titanium backing plate is coupled with their organic compound which has similar heat dispersal properties, they trap more heat in the pad and caliper which means less stress on the seals and other parts of the braking system.

Plus, if weight is really, really important to you, the Elite’s titanium backing plate will be lighter than a steel backing plate.

Sinter says that every aspect of their design contributes to an unforgettable lever feel once experienced. The initially soft feel gives immediate feedback and micro-control over the rotors, leading to an aggressive yet effortless bite you can rely on.

Sinter says Elite brake pads have:

  • No fading and quiet operation due to advanced compound and titanium backing plates
  • Lower initial bite and smoother feel than our Green/Race pads, providing increased modulation and feedback
  • Faster break-in and excellent life

Elite brake pads are handmade in Slovenia and are only produced in a limited 500 sets which are cCurrently available for Road, Gravel and XC bikes with Shimano calipers using Type K pads: XTR 9100, XTR9000, Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105, GRX.

Sinter Elite pads in the making

Sinter Elite pads in the making

Sinter Elite luxury wood

Deluxe wooden box can be personalized for additional personalization

Retail & What’s Included

Detail: Elite Sintering: €169.95, Custom Elite Sintering: €189.95 (personalization includes box personalization)

The pads come complete with a 24k gold plated spring and pin, placed in a deluxe wooden box which can be personalized for additional personalization (see price above).

You can read more about Sinter here.

Or simply order your own Elite brake pads here!

Wiley C. Thompson