Knolly presents prototypes for future bikes – Eurobike 2022

A surprise among the halls of Messe Frankfurt were several new prototype bikes from Knolly.

Knolly pointed out that these were very early developments, but everything shown is work in progress towards the next generation of Knolly bikes. We’ve been told that Knolly is very conscious of his divisive appearance and part of this project is to keep his bike’s unique style but make it more widely accepted. Along with a slight design change, Knolly is looking to add more features and adjustability to the bike lineup.


The Fugitive is among the bikes that will get an upgrade in the future, and Knolly is currently planning two different models. The first will be a version with 125mm of rear travel and 140mm up front. There will also be a slightly longer travel version which will see a bump to 138mm of rear travel and a 150mm fork.


Then comes the Chilcotin which we just reviewed the current 151 model. The update retains the 29er wheels and Knolly will continue with both models with a 151 and 167 option for riders. The 151 will use a 160mm fork and the 167 will use a 170mm front suspension.


Finally, Knolly was showing off his 27.5-inch Endorphin trail bike with 135mm of rear travel and 150mm up front. Interestingly, when this bike finally launches it will now be an XS size but will only fit an L. When designing the bike and especially the XS, the goal was to ensure that an account -drops longer to fit, we were told the goal was to have a 170mm post suitable for size XS. The possibility is also there to transform this bike into a mule with a shorter travel fork.

Knolly also plans to update the Warden when the new line of bikes launches in the future, but again we were told we shouldn’t expect to see these bikes launched for quite a while.

Wiley C. Thompson